Anchor Vehicle Hire

posted on 20 April 2010

675 Leeds Road
Postcode: WF1 2LU
Telephone: 01924 871661
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Anchor Vehicle Hire Limited are your local vehicle hire experts in your area. Whether you need vehicle hire for one day or one month it’s no problem. In our specific van hire section you can choose from our massive range of vans, trucks and cars to hire. Or if you want to hire a van and you don’t mind what type go to our quick van hire section where you can hire a small, medium or large van. If you’re not sure which vehicle you require, go to our vehicle search tool and find the right vehicle for your needs.

Are you a business and need long-term hire?

If you’re a business and require commercial van hire you could choose NORFLEX, the only genuinely flexible, risk-free alternative to contract hire, purchase and fleet management. Open a business account with us and get access to all our vehicle services.

Whether you are a business or you would like a vehicle for personal use, we offer you a quick and easy way to rent online. Either use the Quick Van Hire Section to reserve a small, medium or large van, or if you require a specific make or model you can request it in the Specific Van Hire section.

More Information about Anchor Vehicle Hire Limited

Anchor Vehicle Hire Limited is part of Northgate plc the UK’s number one for light commercial vehicle rental. With a network of 88 locations and 64,000 vehicles, no matter what your vehicle requirements we can meet your needs.

At Anchor Vehicle Hire Limited you can choose from our wide range of vans, trucks and cars. You’ll find friendly, personal service with no red tape, keeping you moving 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can rent from us by the day, or you can use NORFLEX®, the flexible, risk-free way to manage your fleet. Our aim is simple – to make sure you have the right vehicles for your business. Whether it’s vans, trucks or cars, we can handle it, from one vehicle to a fleet of thousands. We’re your local vehicle experts and our resources and expertise mean you’ll never need to worry about your vehicles again. Instead you can focus on your core business. You’ll get great service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and when you return your vehicles we’re realistic about fair wear and tear. All in all, we think you’ll find hiring from Anchor Vehicle Hire Limited makes a refreshing change.

Why Rent a vehicle?

Our core product is commercial vehicle rental. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, it’s easy to see why renting vehicles makes more sense than buying. With unpredictable demands on your business, you need to be able to adapt your fleet at very short notice. If you own your fleet, you could find yourself trapped. Purchasing also ties up resources that could be put to much better use in your core business. Training, product development, IT, plant and premises, for example, are all more worthwhile investments than vehicles – in terms of both money and management time. A recent Datamonitor survey has detected a trend away from the ownership of commercial vehicles, towards the concept of ‘usership’ That means you use the vehicles only when you need them, and don’t become shackled to an ageing fleet. In the USA, almost one third of vans and trucks are leased or rented, and this trend is now being followed here in the UK.

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