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posted on 20 April 2010

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Wildcats Principle Partners, Eric France & Son Scrap Metal Merchants

The EFS team has over 100 years combined experience and is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve its products and service.

As a family owned successful business, EFS is committed to providing service excellence and total value throughout. Combining professional determination with personal integrity, our service is a perfect blend of corporate competence and small firm flexibility.

The EFS team has over 100 years combined experience and is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve its products and service.

By introducing added value systems such as fully traceable transactions, real-time prices from the London Metal Exchange, prompt payment terms and a dedicated fleet of vehicles, EFS continues to lead the way in both the supply of virgin metal and secondary metal management techniques.

EFS is a major supplier of high quality primary metals and metal alloys. Specialists in providing tin, lead and zinc ingots for industries throughout the world, we supply only the most superior grades of virgin metals.

Offering guaranteed performance, our ingots are continually tested for conformity and quality and provide the raw material for some of the most demanding and quality specific production processes in manufacturing, where nothing less than perfection will do. To this end, a full certificate of analysis is despatched with every order.

Supplementing our tin, lead and zinc operation, EFS can also supply specialist primary products such as copper granules, silver grain, silver flake and pure nickel cathode and buttons.

EFS primary metal service also includes the supply of all grades of solder for the electronics industries and copper based alloys including phosphor bronzes and gunmetals.

In any manufacturing environment, for safety reasons and to maximise production, there is a real need to keep the working space clean. Where scrap metal is produced as a waste material, its removal could even create an extra income.

Providing a fully licensed waste management service, EFS can handle commercial waste projects from most industries, arranging shop-floor collection and bulk removal of metal and other waste directly from your premises.

By paying to remove your commercial metal waste, EFS provides a win win service for its customers. All valuable metal collections within the UK are free, and using its own fleet of vehicles, EFS will tailor pick up times and frequency to suit the precise requirements of each individual client.

As well as cashing in directly through the sale of scrap, appointing one company to handle waste management can reduce paperwork and the amount of expensive time office staff spend dealing with its removal.

Discreet on site containers are provided free of charge and these can include bespoke designs to meet the exact needs of the sector. For other metal waste, we can supply skips between 4 and 22 cubic yards and fork lift compatible stillages.

As well as scrap metal, EFS is licensed to remove other non-metal material including pallets, wood, and paper, cardboard and general waste. Although there is a small charge for this service, it can be offset against the value of metal waste collected.

EFS will consider providing a paid for metal waste removal service on an individual customer basis, however there are a number of industries whose processes are known to produce valuable waste.

EFS will organise and pay to remove metal waste produced during engineering processes including, ferrous and
non-ferrous swarfe, billet ends, bar ends and turnings from boring machines. Any brass, aluminium, copper, steel and stainless steels are prime metals for recycling.

Manufacturing processes such as stamping and punching can often create valuable waste metal. Sheet off-cuts and malformed components in brass, aluminium, stainless steel and copper as well as damaged material requiring a certificate of destruction can all be removed by EFS.

EFS will pay for foundry waste such as misshaped castings or parts that don’t meet the minimum sales quality specification. We will also take melting process waste including the drosses, residues and skimmings.

Printers’ waste can include litho plates that have been produced for a one-off print run. Worthless from a print point of view, the plates have a high waste metal value and EFS can arrange to pay for their removal.

Not only do we supply the electronics sector with solder, but also purchase the waste products from their processes including redundant printed circuit boards, copper pins and solder dross.

Completing its total metal solutions, EFS is recognised as a leading trader of non-ferrous secondary metals. Buying and selling scrap throughout the world, EFS has built excellent trading relationships with metal merchants both at home and abroad.

Supplying foundries across the globe with cost-effective secondary raw material, the EFS recycling service ensures that all metal remains in the commercial chain for re-melting and re-use.

As well as creating another income stream and contributing to the world economy, EFS recycling makes excellent environmental sense. Taking its environmental responsibilities seriously, the EFS entire operation is geared up to recycling and protecting as far as possible, the earth’s finite natural resources.

With more than one eye on the future, EFS continues to lead the way in the buying and selling of scrap metal.

The EFS total metal solution is a turnkey service supplying primary metals, managing waste metal removal and trading metal for recycling for a wide range of industries throughout the world.

Whether you buy one, more or all our services, EFS will provide a total, integrated and professional metal solution second to none. Maintaining high standards in all our operations, you can be sure of a fast, efficient, friendly service, every time – time after time.

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