Daddy Cool heads Melee field

posted on 17 May 2010

Fans attending the televised Engage Super League Round 14 encounter between Wakefield Trinity Wildcats and Bradford Bulls at the Hearwell Stadium are going to receive an entertainment bonus, the Mascot Melee!

The Wildcats’ own mascot ‘Daddy Cool’ is ready to take a specially selected group of other mascots including Bullman, his opposite number from Bradford, in mascot melee.

Mascot Melee is a test of stamina and skill for the mascots. It’s a 100 metre dash but includes a test of both soccer and boxing skills.

Besides Daddy Cool and Bullman entered into the Melee are The Total Fitness Heart, Sid the Engage Pig, Percy the Penguin and Subman!

Wildcats’ Community Development Officer Gavyn Lightowler said, “This is great entertainment for the fans during half time and a chance for some of our sponsors to get involved in the race and also show the world that our famous mascot Daddy Cool is the best”

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