JK’s happy again!

posted on 11 July 2010

The smile was back on Head Coach John Kear’s face on Saturday night. Just six days after a stony faced Kear faced the media after being defeated heavily by Hull KR the boss was far more upbeat with the 29-6 win over Hull FC in the bag.

“That was far better” admitted Kear, “The boys played well and by the end of the game you could see them relax and enjoy their Rugby League.

“Even though that’s a great result for us if we have any serious ambitions to reach the top eight then we will have to perform at that level consistently.

“We defended well and the boys who were happy at one or two media reactions following the Hull KR defeat upped their performances.

“I’m very happy,” said the ex-Hull coach. “A lot of questions were asked of the players and they answered them all really well. The players weren’t happy with some of the things that were written about them last weekend, but they can be happy tonight because they played some good rugby league.

“It was simple, back to basics and working hard and that’s what they did. It drained the energy out of Hull.

“But we can’t do one week penthouse and one week doghouse. We have to find some consistency.

“I thought that was Paul Cooke’s best game for us,” Kear said of the 29-year-old. “He was very good against Crusaders (two weeks ago), by his own admission not so good last week and he’s bounced back here.

“I thought Paul King was really good as well and the two ex-Black and Whites have played some good rugby league. The triangle of our pivots and organisers worked very well tonight.

“As last Sunday was a horrific day at the office, this day has been a pleasant day at the office.”

Richard Agar, the Hull FC coach, commented: “We were beaten by the better side. We made far too many mistakes and we didn’t compete when it mattered. The Wildcats played well and we can’t take anything way from them on that result.”

“We lost too many contests, too many little battle and I thought one side played with a lot more energy and control than the other side. The best team won and we have to cop this one on the chin.

“Over the last weeks at times when we haven’t been playing particularly well, we’ve always kept working hard for one another, but there were a few tell tale signs like one-on-one misses out there.

“It was a pretty flat performance but I don’t want to do any injustices to the opposition who I thought were very good.

“There’s a lot of football to be played and talk of play-off form at this point is premature. Tonight we’ve hit a bump, and a fairly big one at that. But we’re a team that works hard for each other and tonight we didn’t quite work hard enough and lost a lot of little contests in there.”

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