Wildcats help celebrate fan’s 100th birthday

posted on 7 July 2010

When Wakefield and District Housing tenant Mary Wilsher turned 100 last Thursday she received visitors, cards and messages from several famous names including Sir Alex Ferguson, Dame Vera Lynne and of course, Her Majesty.

However, her landlord Wakefield and District Housing (WDH) gave the sports-fanatic centurion her biggest thrill of the day when they tipped off Wakefield star Ben Jeffries that Mary has been a passionate lifelong Trinity/Wildcats fan.

A few minutes later Jeffries and team-mate Matt Blaymire popped around to wish Mary a “Happy 100” and present her with a card signed by the entire Wildcats squad.

Mary who’s been a tenant with WDH for more than 50 years was thrilled by the visit and regaled the two stars with her memories of being at Wembley in 1968 and being meters away from Don Fox when he missed that kick.

“It was devastating – no one could believe it,” said Mary, with her card from Queen Elizabeth looking on, “But I’ve always been a Wakefield fan through and through. I love a bit of competition.”

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