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posted on 10 September 2010

Students from Wakefield College have been put through their paces this week by the Wildcats Community team by trying their hand at Touch Rugby. As part of their induction week the learners opted into different activities, one of which was Touch Rugby coaching with a tournament on the Friday. Five seperate tutor groups opted in as a whole resulting in over 75 individuals taking part.

The students were split up into a morning and afternoon time slot with around 30 – 40 in each group. They were then split into smaller groups and competed against their fellow classmates for Touch Rugby glory! Organiser and Wildcats Development Officer Richard Cattley had this to say:

“It was good to see everyone playing with a smile on their face. We had a huge number of people who had never played rugby before but they threw themselves into it with great enthusiasm. The feedback we had was that they really enjoyed it so hopefully we have converted a few people into players”.

The Wildcats will now be running weekly Touch Rugby sessions at the College as part of the College’s ‘Time out’ sports provision. This adds to the Wildcats already impressive Touch Rugby portfolio with Belle Vue currently 7 weeks into a 12 team Touch Rugby league. The Wildcats have also hosted a Pre-Match Touch Rugby Cup before the Hull FC match this season and plans are in place to expand the Touch Rugby concept further next year.

“Touch Rugby is a fantstic version of our sport. It’s more inclusive as both males and females can play together, there’s less risk of injury as the physical contact has been vastly reduced and it also promotes a healthy social aspect as it is mainly played just for fun” – Richard Cattley.

If you are interested in playing Touch Rugby in the Wakefield area please contact the Wildcats or League For All Officer Tony Miller: or

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