Fans can now Spread Payments

posted on 17 September 2010

Wakefield Trinity Wildcat fans can now spread the cost of buying their Gold memberships over six or four months.

The Club have introduced the new scheme to help fans deal with the effects of the credit crunch. Under the new scheme fans will be able to make payments for season tickets over four or six months.

They simply make Direct Debit authorisations and as long as all the payments are completed by February 2011 they will be able to participate in the scheme.

Fans on the Loyalty Scheme will pay only £29 a month for six months. With the Early Bird package, the payment is just £30 a month for six months and a family ticket purchased on the Early Bird scheme works out at only £65 a month for six months.

James Elston, the Wildcats Chief Executive, said: “We’re conscious that these are not the easiest of times for our fans and we wanted to make life as easy as possible for them.

“The Wildcats are part of the community and we understand that if your family follows the club then finding the money for several tickets at the same time could be very difficult.

He added, “Hopefully our fans will find this scheme useful and it will enable them to start building up for Engage Super League XVI in 2011.”

For more details on the Wakefield Trinity Wildcats Membership Scheme go to the club’s web site then click on the on-line shop and look at the members’ zone.

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