Colin Sanctuary’s Blog: 1st Week Back!!

posted on 18 October 2010

Well the time has flown by. Our season finished, we (playing and coaching staff) had a weeks review; 5days away; 2 weeks working with the injured players and then all players were back in on 11th October! I must just mention here that Korki also came in over the two week period for extra work in preparation for the new season with myself. I am sure that Martin, Alan and Andy (photographer) will testify to his effort and application in these sessions!

Hopefully the weekly blog will give you some insight into the work the players are doing and also how they are doing. And yes, Matty B I will try and make sure it does not send the fans to sleep!!

The brief off-season has also seen a change in personnel with a number of guys leaving us and the likes of Frankie Mariano and Tommy Lee (amongst others) joining us. How has the first week back gone?….really well. All of the lads have really applied themselves and it literally feels like a totally new start (…which it is, as they are a new group!). As an aside, when you review your season and then start planning for the new season you need to remember that invariably the group will be changing and will contain different players and personalities. The group will therefore have a different identity, needs, demands and support requirements.

The really pleasing point about the first week back has been the application of all the players. As you will see from the photos below, the ‘hard work’ has already started!

The first week has also seen the completion of our screening and test battery. Here the performances of Russ Spiers (1420m), Matty Wildie (1410m) and Julien Rinaldi (1390m) on the 5min run need a mention. Regarding the strength testing, Kyle Trout (140kg, 3RM Bench Press; 160kg, 3RM Squat), Michael Korkidas (130kg, 3RM Bench Press; 140kg, 3RM Squat) and Richard Moore (130kg, 3RM Bench Press) need a mention. With regard to ‘all-round’ performances on the tests Matt Blaymire (sorry Derek…and no it is not a father and son thing!), James Davey and Luke George have probably been the stand out performers. Well done!

So onwards, week 2 is upon us as we head into the pool this morning at 7.30am!

Yours in RL

Colin Sanctuary

Dr Colin Sanctuary PhD, BA(Hons), BASES Accredited Interdisciplinary Sports Science Support, NSCA-CSCS, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Head of Sports Science Support
Wakefield Trinity Wildcats RL

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