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posted on 29 October 2010

Half-term this week, but no rest for the wicked!!

This week Jodie has been majorly busy preparing everything for the Wildcat Kittens end of Year Show. Sorting costumes, producing programmes, selling tickets, working out running orders not to mention finishing off all the routines! Fellow Wildcat Dolls Lauren and Michelle have been leading some of the classes so that Jodie and Sarah didn’t have too many routines to get through, and they’ve done a great job.

Richard has been on with adapting our Season Ticket Assembly so that you guys in the schools get to have an exclusive look at our new stadium plans! Since we’ve been granted the all important planning permission, we want you to be as excited as we are about our move, and this being our FINAL year at Belle Vue!

When it’s half-term it’s a great chance for us to evaluate everything that we are doing and organise next half-term. So we’ve been looking ahead to next half-term – we are already booked into 34 schools, its going to be a busy one!

The rest of the week was taken up getting ready for our Halloween Party which we had last night – it was great! A big Thank You to all you Junior Wildcats that came along and joined in the fun with Matt Blaymire, Dale Morton, James Davey and Ben Gledhill.

Check out the Community Gallery for this Years Halloween Party Pictures!

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