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posted on 26 October 2010

Blog: Pre-Season Week 2

Before starting the blog this week our thoughts and sympathies must firstly go to Steve ‘The Bath’ Dutton, who’s father Roy unfortunately passed away during the week. Roy was one of the volunteers down at the ground who always helped out the players whenever he could. He will be sadly missed.

As mentioned at the end of last weeks blog, week 2 started on the Monday with a swimming session at 7.30am. I know the boys were a little sleepy on entering the water but apparently…felt fresh after the work in the pool!
Week 2 has also seen two of the new players in Tommy Lee and Motu Tony joining us in training. I certainly think the addition of these two players has brought an increased level of banter ‘in the car’ for the lads currently travelling in from Hull.

The week saw us complete our first interval and Fartlek session which the lads thoroughly enjoyed!! (well JK certainly enjoyed it! …John why have you brought those buckets down?!). The current ‘toss up’ for JK is which is better, the Hill sessions or the Interval/Fartlek sessions?!

We also had our first team activity on Wednesday at Pugneys Country Park where Mike Pogson and his Staff kindly liaised with ourselves for two slalom events in canoes on the lake (Julien Rinaldi was outstanding in his organising of his 4 in the canoe! No joke) and a stretcher carry around the Park. I know the lads worked well and enjoyed the team activities.

Finally, congratulations to all concerned at Wakefield regarding the granting of planning for the build of the new stadium. The support from all parties (supporters, staff and players) was excellent last Friday outside County Hall. It was a good job that all went according to plan as everyone (well players and coaching staff) were slightly concerned that Jule’s might have taken the French approach to protesting!! Luckily Tony Drury kept an eye on him (or was Tony going to give him advice?!!…sorry Tony).

Yours in RL

Colin Sanctuary

Dr Colin Sanctuary
Head of Sports Science Support
Wakefield Trinity Wildcats RL

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