Public Meeting – CATS Bar

posted on 11 October 2010

SWAG, In conjunction with the Supporters Club, WiSCA, is inviting supporters of Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, together with anyone else who supports the proposed development at Newmarket, to attend a Public Meeting on Tuesday 12th October in the Cats Bar at Belle Vue, starting at 7.30pm.

The aim of the meeting is to provide an update on matters leading towards the imminent Planning Committee Meeting of WMDC – scheduled for Friday 22nd October.

The 22nd October is set to be the most important day in the Wakefield Trinity clubs history for over a century. It cannot be stressed highly enough that a positive outcome is essential for the future of professional sport in Waklefield. The proposed development of the Newmarket site has the potential to bring benefits to supporters of the Wildcats, but just as importantly, it provides the chance to have genuine state-of-the-art training and playing facilities which can be of use for thousands of people for decades to come. Wakefield currently has a very modest amount of sporting facilites, with capital cost and running costs ruling any further public development out, but Newmarket is to be mainly funded through the planning gain available to the developer, with the anchor tennants – Wakefield Trinity Wildcats – providing the bulk of the running costs as it’s part of the deal for the site.

SWAG, in conjunction with the Wildcats and WiSCA – Wildcats Supporters Club Association – is encouraging supporters to book the morning of the 22nd off work, if at all possible, in order to meet and greet the the Councillors – who hold the outcome of the meeting in their hands – as they arrive for their meeting.

The meeting on the 12th October will also include presentations of the preparations being made by the Wildcats for their move, including some sneak previews of the plans for the stadium and the other sporting facilities together with details of the work towards the Licence renewal application for the 2012-2014 seasons of Super League.

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