Colin Sanctuary’s Blog: Weeks 4 and 5

posted on 15 November 2010

Well Monday (1st Nov) morning at 7am saw our week ‘kick off’ in the swimming pool, after the majority of the players had completed ‘set work’ away from the club. We had our usual two group split at 7.00 and 7.30. By 8am I think the lads were glad that the first session back in was out of the way! The morning pool sessions have really worked well allowing an environment where players can complete some movement work for flexibility around joints and also complete non impact (on the legs) work.

I certainly think that The Cabin (on Doncaster Road) is grateful of the early energy expenditure by the players as they head for a ‘cheeky little’ scrambled egg on toast prior to the weights and skills sessions at 9.30. ‘Did someone say Full English’??!!

Saturday (6th Nov) we had our Hills session at Thornes and I am not sure if it was the fact that Wakefield Council were preparing for the Bonfire or not but the lads went up the hills like rockets!! Sorry JK and Beans…they get no better than that! (Apologies. Joke courtesy of John Lynagh!!)

Monday again (8th Nov)!! Time just seems to fly by. Last week was a really good weeks training. I know it is easy to say…‘the lads are training well’…but the reality is, they are! I think I have made the point before that each new season, invariably, brings a new group of players together. Last Season we were topping Super League until we sold/lost Broughy, Shane Tronc and Terry. Those players were a huge loss to the group we had and were never replaced. However, this season, we have a new squad which includes a number of younger players with, it could be said, a lot to prove. Consequently, if the application of all the lads young and old (sorry Morro and BJ (are you really 23BJ?!)) is anything to go by then they deserve every success that comes their way!

Monday (8th Nov) was going really well until we reached the Crofton Ice Cap!!! It literally felt like we were in the arctic! Thankfully Beans, in his usual subtle way (in Sweatshirt while everyone else had 24 layers on) said “stop being such SOFT *O***”!! Sorry Beans!! The general consensus was that with the temperature, wind and rain, that was comfortably one of the coldest sessions we have ever had at Crofton! When the wind comes over those open fields at Crofton from the North…….brrrr! (I know Fergie zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! I hope I have not sent too many to sleep!!)

Tuesday saw us re testing the players at Thornes Athletic track on their 5m, 10m and 30m sprints as well as the 5min run. After the work the lads have completed it was really pleasing to see the scores of 1410m by Matt Blaymire, 1430 by Matty Wildie and a very impressive 1460m by Kevin Penny. In general the lads showed improvements of between 20m to 50m on their initial testing for the 5min run.

Saturday again and hills! JK can’t wait!! I think this session is the highlight of the week for John. “Just why he keeps bringing those buckets I have no idea lads”!

Yours in RL

Colin Sanctuary

Dr Colin Sanctuary
Head of Sports Science Support
Wakefield Trinity Wildcats RL

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