Download the Wildcats ‘app’!

posted on 10 December 2010

Wildcats fans that have access to Iphone technology can download the new Wakefield Wildcats ‘app’.

The ‘app’ is free to download and will keep fans up to date with all our recent news and developments here at Belle Vue.

The ‘app’ has been specially designed for the Wildcats by Hull-based Rugby League enthusiast Glenn Crossland and has been initiated at the Wildcats by the club’s Marketing Coordinator Alice Furbisher.

Once you’ve downloaded the ‘app’ you will be able to see at an instant all the latest media releases; club announcements and merchandise offers all on your own phone. Further features will be available soon, again at no cost.

Francis Stephenson, the Wildcats’ Director of Operations, said: “This is yet another way that we can keep our fans informed about developments and opportunities involving the Wildcats.

“When technology produces an opportunity for the club to speak directly to its fans we embrace that chance. Besides having our own web site we now have both a Facebook site and a Twitter service so we’re staying in touch with of all these new developments.”

Want up to date Wakefield Wildcats information directly on your phone ? Download the free app now! Simply visit or go to the ‘app store’ on your phone and search for ‘Wakefield Wildcats’.

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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