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posted on 6 December 2010

It is all about planning!! We (the Coaching Staff) had factored in a week (just gone) where the players completed work ‘back home’. As always, all players were provided with individual schedules so that constructive and productive work could be completed. As it turned out, if we had been in at Wakefield it would have been a ‘white off’…sorry…‘right off’!! I know Beanz, it’s ‘snow’…sorry…‘no joke’ they get no better than that!!

When the weather allowed players who are coming back from injury still came in for treatment and rehab work.

It has been interesting reflecting on the work and application of the players to-date. I think that I made the point earlier that the lads application, work ethic and application has been outstanding.

Yours in RL

Colin Sanctuary

Dr Colin Sanctuary
Head of Sports Science Support
Wakefield Trinity Wildcats RL

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