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posted on 15 December 2010

All the lads were back in on the Monday at 7am in the pool! Oh how they love the early starts!! Monday saw work in the pool, weights room, on skills and for our field session (over in Huddersfield) which was a combination of conditioning and technical RL work.

Wednesday saw ‘us’ completing another Team Activity. This time we wanted to put the players into a situation where they were taken out of their comfort zone…back at school! We had arranged to go into St Michael’s primary school, placing players into pairs into a number of lessons with the pupils. Our one concern was that we did not leave the ‘baby faced’ Jimmy Davey behind when we left!

Having gone into a number of the lessons myself it was really pleasing to see how the players helped out and integrated with the pupils. The lads really were exemplary. We have subsequently received correspondence from the school complimenting the work, application and engagement by the players. This probably highlights what a good group of guys they are. Well done lads!

Special mention must go to Sam Obst and Kieran Hyde for their poetry skills! All that can be said is outstanding!! In addition, ,contrary to belief, NO, Kev Henderson did not lead the History lesson and NO, Korki did not talk about the Ancient Greeks!! Phew!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday saw the lads in the pool at 7am. It was certainly a good session once we managed to break the ice to get into the water!! Brrrrrrr! Just got to mention here that Magic could be an outside bet in the pool for Fiji in the 2012 Olympics!! Our ‘Fish’ group (those that are good in the pool) have started taking bets on how many times Magic will lap them!

In the afternoon, after weights and skills, we were back indoors over in Huddersfield. The indoor session was excellent and had a real intensity throughout.

Thursday evening also saw the season launch. What an evening!! Kev Penny ‘opened his locker’ and pulled out some serious moves on the podium! KP where have they been?! Can’t believe you are so shy!! This also meant that Luke George and Korki then showed more moves than a chess board!! Thought we were going to have the Wakefield ‘Dance Off’ at one point! Poor old Murph also took a little bit (sorry Murph) of stick after JK’s comments!! Go GB!!!

One final note just goes to Rich Moore as he heads off to pastures new. Having worked with Richard during his career at Wakefield and back in Super League, it has been interesting to see him develop and progress, Crohns disease aside. Rich, hope all goes well for you in the future.

Yours in RL

Colin Sanctuary

Dr Colin Sanctuary
Head of Sports Science Support
Wakefield Trinity Wildcats RL

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