Stadium Funding Clarification

posted on 16 December 2010

On Tuesday a press release was issued by Wakefield Council confirming that Wakefield Cabinet had extended their offer of support of land assets to the value of £2m to both Wakefield and District Community Trust (Wakefield Trinity Wildcats) and Castleford Tigers.

Speaking earlier Managing Director Diane Maskill said:

“We are very grateful to Wakefield Council for their generous and ongoing support. However, we need to clarify that this is not a donation of cash to either Wakefield Trinity or Castleford Tigers rugby league clubs.

Rules on Council funding are very clear, a Council cannot give support to private clubs or limited companies due to state aid regulations.

I am pleased to confirm that the Wakefield and District Community Trust, formed by Sir Rodney Walker in 2008, has already been able to utilise some of this funding source which was first made available by Wakefield Council in 2009.

Tuesday’s announcement confirmed this ongoing support by the Council in difficult times for the Community and we take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to them for this commitment to stadium funding.

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