Wildcats stars step back into the classroom!

posted on 9 December 2010

Wednesday morning saw the entire first team squad meet for training, not at Belle Vue Stadium, but at St Michaels Primary School in Flanshaw.

This was to be no ordinary training session, but a Team Building Exercise that involved all the players stepping right out of their comfort zone on the pitch, to being infront of a classroom full of children waiting to learn.

The players, in pairs, were split between classes from Reception right through to Year 6, and were asked to take part, and in some cases lead, the mornings lessons.

One on one reading sessions, Christmas Card making, Writing letters to Santa, Rocket Design and handwriting, are just a few of the lessons that our Wildcat Stars took part in. They even had to lend a hand in the final rehearsals for the St Michaels Nativity Play.

Colin Sanctuary, Head of Sports Science said “Over the pre-season period we (Wakefield Wildcats) have completed a number of different Team Activities. The aim of all the activities has been to challenge the players in different ways, psychologically, physiologically and environmentaly.”

“By going into the school and classroom environment we wanted to take the players out of their daily routine and out of their ‘comfort zone’. Been able to deal and adapt to different challenges is key within elite sport. St Michaels Primary School kindly worked with ourselves to allow the activity to happen.”

“Having been in a number of the lessons with the players, two standout performances came from Sam Obst and Kieran Hyde when they both had to create a poem from a winter scene! When rugby is over I think we have two budding Shakespears in our midst.”

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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