Colin Sanctuary’s Blog:Week 13

posted on 11 January 2011

Hope you all had a good Christmas and the New Year!

As mentioned in my last Blog, we had a pitch inspection on Christmas Eve for our game against Leeds, which resulted in the fixture being delayed until New Years Day. Even with the delay, after the work that the players had ‘put in’ to-date, they were all looking forward to the fixture. Unfortunately, we came second! However, having been 28-6 down at half-time, the second half come back and performance was really pleasing. Beating a side like Leeds in any second half of a match is excellent and was testament to the work the players have completed. At the end of the second half it was pleasing to see how ‘fresh’ the lads looked and this was something they all commented on as well. Onwards and upwards and we are faced with a challenging fixture over at Dewsbury this Sunday.

Just prior to Christmas we had our Secret Santa ‘hand over’ and I think I predicted a few of the lads and coaching staff might take some stick!! For example, JK received a wig, moustache, duster and polish!!; Simon Wray (our physio, aka Stinger) received a bucket (!!) and some light dumb-bells (ask him and he will tell you about the bucket and weights!!); Matty Blaymire received some fake tan, mirror, oil and ginger nuts(!…no idea why!!); myself…cannot say…but I get the message, thank you who ever it was!!

It was good to get our first session back after the Christmas and New Year period out of the way and we all cannot believe that the season ‘for-real’ is just around the corner. Time has literally flown by. And ‘no’ Murph that was ‘time that has flown by’ not my hair!!

Finally, just got to say that as ever I appeared to ‘get hammered’ (no in fact did get hammered!) over a CD selection again last week! You just cannot win!! The solution is simple boys, if DJ Spiderman (he can spin those decks!!…but who is he?), Korki or myself did not bring any music in…who would?!? Kev Penny????, Murph????, Fergz?zzzzzzz!
Yours in RL
Colin Sanctuary

Dr Colin Sanctuary
Head of Sports Science Support
Wakefield Trinity Wildcats RL

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