Rocky and Daddy Cool perfect pair

posted on 4 January 2011

Daddy cool was a hit in three Leeds schools in the run up to Christmas and along with Rocky Whitehead the pair managed to put a smile on lots of childrens faces.

First port of call was Haigh Road Infant school in Rothwell, where DC did a great warm up to music session for the Foundation group and then some hand eye cordination ball skill games that had all the youngsters learning the importance of being part of a team.  The rest of the school joined the party as DC gave out certificates to the children that had taken part in the activity.

Our picture shows a few of the pupils along with Rocky whitehead, Daddy Cool, Richard Cattley, Gavyn Lighthowler Foundation teacher, Kelly Rowland and Deputy head Louise Aston. Next we traveled to Blackgates Primary in Tingley where Daddy Cool played games with the nursery and foundation children before really getting into the spirit of Christmas by joining the children in a great rendition of Twinkle Twinkle little Star. There was no rest for DC as he called at Broomfield silks; a special inclusion learning centre in Belle Isle.  He was a big hit with the children as he visited every class to hand out there certificates and join in all the fun to end a very enjoyable day. All three schools have enjoyed Multi skills coaching sessions delivered by lifelong Wildcats supporter Rocky Whitehead.  Rocky is the founder of ‘Rockys Giants’ at Oulton Raiders and has seen professional players pass through his team such as James Elston, Ryan Hudson, Jason Golden and Richard Owen.

Projects Manager Sarah Robinson said “The feedback we have received from all the schools that Rocky has been has been in is outstanding, his ability to engage with the Foundation age children is second to none, and we are really lucky to have him promoting the Wildcats Brand.

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