Share Scheme Frequently Asked Questions

posted on 18 January 2011

Will I receive a share form?

No, unless individually requested. A share form simply gathers information from interested parties, therefore a copy of your full name and address along with the cheque made payable to Andrew Wright and co, is all that is required.

Will I receive a share certificate?

If the amount of £500,000 is reached successfully then yes, we will send you a share certificate.

Who is Andrew Wright & Co?

Andrew Wright and Co are the independent auditors and accountants of Wakefield Trinity Wildcats RLFC Ltd.

What will my money be spent on?

The money will be used to allow the club to continue to trade within its expected cash flow for the foreseeable future. One of the primary purposes for the majority of this money is to settle an outstanding debt with HMRC.

What will happen to my money if the £500,000 target isn’t reached on 31st January 2011?

If the amount is not reached, a further meeting will be called for the contributors of that money to determine how it should be used. You will have the option of having your money returned immediately.

What will happen to my money if the £500,000 target is reached on 31st January 2011?

A meeting will be called for the new contributors and existing shareholders to determine how the money will be used, including the formation of a new board of directors.

Why has the date of 31st of January been set?

The HMRC debt needs settling in February.

I don’t have £1000 to give but I would still like to help the club. Can I contribute less than £1000?

Yes, smaller contributions will be gratefully accepted however the figure of £500,000 remains the target. You can also assist the club by encouraging more people to become season ticket holders and attend our fixtures.

Where will my money be kept until January 31st  2010 ?

Your money will be held in the client account with Andrew Wright and Co and will not be utilised until after January 31st and until the final amount has been calculated.

How many shares are currently issued in the company?

The current total number of shares in the register are 513,067.

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