Wakefield Wildcats and Wakefield College eating from the same plate!

posted on 5 January 2011

 Wakefield Wildcats have  further developed their link with Wakefield College through engaging with each other on a nutritional support package.

Previously the Wildcats, through Dr Colin  Sanctuary (Head of Sports Science Support), have provided team and individual  support within the programme.

This season the Wildcats  have further expanded this individualised support through their link with  Wakefield  College and specifically one of the lecturers Jamie Carruthers. Jamie is someone whom Colin has worked  with before at Durham CCC, York City Knights and also (to a lesser extent last season) Wakefield Wildcats.

 Jamie’s input, through his knowledge, applied suggestions and understanding have been excellent and really well received by the players with whom he has met on a regular ‘one-on-one’ basis. Comments back from the  players show that they have really appreciated and valued Jamie’s  input.

Such links into Further  (FE) and Higher Education (HE) are key, not only from Wakefield Wildcats  perspective but also from a FE and HE perspectives as it potentially allows  students ‘real-life’ applied experiences. For instance at Wakefield through  metabolic and food diary data Jamie has been able to share these insights with  his cohort of students on the Foundation Degree in Sport Performance and Coaching  at Wakefield College.

Links had already been  established through last season and this pre- season to the Foundation Degree in Sport Performance and Coaching as both Colin and John Kain (Player  Performance Manager) have delivered presentations to the students.

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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