Wildcat Kittens looking forward to first performance of the Season

posted on 12 January 2011

The Wildcat Kittens have been back in training this week all looking forward to the first Super League game of the season against Salford City Reds on Sunday 27th February.  All Kittens will be performing, so there’s only a few weeks to get back into the swing of things and get their routines ready. 

 The Kittens haven’t all been together since their show back in November, so this week has been great for them to meet up with their Dance Academy friends and to start getting excited for the upcoming season.

 Emily Ritchie, has been coming to the Wildcat Kittens for the past 4 years and she had this to say on her return back to classes:

“On Monday all the junior Wildcat Kittens came together in our groups to learn fabulous challenging routines. I am in class 3 and I love being a kitten. It is always a pleasure to turn up to kittens and being taught be Sarah and Jodie. This week our class learnt a fast, fun but challenging routine in both cheerleading and street dance. We all seemed to enjoy it and although we didn’t get it at first we got there in the end. Sarah and Jodie always motivate us and tell us we are doing well which boosts our confidence. I love doing this type of routine because it will help me when I audition to be a Wildcat Doll. We are fast learners as we learnt a lot last week, it was great to see my friends and dance teachers again after a while. We cannot wait to show you all our WONDERFUL routines so watch out the kittens are back and on the prowl!!”

For more information on the Wildcat Dolls Dance Academy, please contact Dance Development Officer Jodie Travis: jodietravis@wakefieldwildcats.co.uk

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