Chairman Thanks Fans for Attending Forum

posted on 23 February 2011

It was great to see such a good turnout last night.  I know it was short notice, but felt ‘sooner rather than later’ was the best policy.  We expected to get around 100 people to come, so getting more than 250 was a real result!

It was also great to see so many people buying from the girls in our make shift shop.  Over £850 was taken, with a lot more tickets being sold.  It’s great to see that much commitment coming from our loyal fans – thank you.

The questions that were asked were all the sorts of things we expected.  For those that missed it, we are aiming to get footage on WildcatsTV as soon as possible.  There was that much discussed, that I am sure that even the fans that came will want to watch it again, just to make sure they didn’t miss anything!

Some of the questions I remember (in  no particular order)are:

Q: Are the ‘Richardson’s’ still here?

A: No

Q: Are we going to get a licence for next season’s Super League:

A: Not guaranteed.  We all have a lot of work to do before any confidence can be given on this.  We are all aware of the importance of this and will do EVERTHING we can to make sure our application is as strong as it could be.  It’s also worth noting that our starting position is probably at the back, so we all have to be realistic about our chances – That been said, the whole team will be working none stop on ensuring we can tick as many boxes as possible.

Q: How far on are we with Newmarket?

A: Our position with Newmarket is the same now as it was before the Administration.  We have a meeting with the council on Monday to try and get some clarity and some realistic timescales.  If, after Monday, we feel as though we need to start looking down other avenues, then we will.  But at the moment, our focus is on doing everything we need to get Newmarket passed.

Q: What happens if we don’t get a licence?

A: Good question.  When I looked at taking the club from administration, we did full costing and viability studies on both Super League and Championship.  Both of them work and we can function as a business in both leagues.  Obviously, if we are in Championship we will have to cut our cloth accordingly.  There is a salary cap of £300,000 (with a further £100,000 allowed for the first year), so we will have to look at the playing staff, etc.

That being said, we will be doing everything we can to stay in Super League, so should be focusing on strengthening, not weakening the team.

Q: Is Cats bar going to be open more and can we have Sky Sports.

A:  Yes.  The current contract with Barnes Catering is up at the end of the month, with this next game being the official last game.  We are in negotiations with Barnes’s and a couple of other companies about the new contract for the rest of the season.  Whoever we use, the Cats bar will be open, will have Sky Sports on and some/all the profits will be coming into the club

The rest of the questions, although important can be seen on the WilcatsTV site, once we put them up, so please come back soon to have a look.

Andrew Glover


This is Wakefield, Together we are Stronger

(By the way, this is a new company slogan and came from the current staff, so please spread the word!)

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