Kear speaks ahead of tonights game

posted on 19 February 2011

From a Sunny Perpignan, John Kear has caught up with new Chairman Andrew Glover to chat about tonights fixture, game prep in the sun and who he thinks is going to shine tonight at the Gilbert Brutus Stadium.

John Kear on the game this evening:

” Of course the weather is superb in comparison to what we have left behind back in England, its been a rollercoaster week but we have ended very much on a positive – the players trained outstandingley well on Thursday and we’ve had a light run-through this morning and the lads have looked very confident and very much at ease.  The Players are ready to play – it will be a tough game.  Just as we have points to prove, the Catalans side had a pretty indifferent game against Harlequins and they’re a much better team than they showed last weekend, so it will be a fascinating contest and a tough contest.”

John Kear on the team:

“I’m looking forward to the 2 lads making their debut, we signed in the off-season Stuart Howarth, the young Wigan Reserve Captain, I’m very excited by what he can bring to the game, his work rates phenomenal and he’s got a massive desire to succeed, he’ll be one that I’m really fascinated to see.  We’ve also got Frankie Mariano making his Wakefield debut, in a competetive game, Frankie played 3 games at Hull KR and his route to the top of Hull Kingston Rovers was blocked by Willie Mason and Ben Galea, Clint Newton who are all outstanding International Austrailian performers so this really is Frankies time to make his mark.  Also theres Kevin Penny whos making his competetive Wakefield Debut, Kevin came onto the scene in 2007 and blew everyone away with his pace and his excitement, he lost his way a little bit at Warrington and was overtaken by some of the other young lads, well now it’s his opportunity to say I’m here, I’m ready and I’m a Super League Player.  Of course I’m looking forward to looking at the team in general, and those 3 lads really get me excited and make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.”

Johns predictions on the score…..

” I don’t like to make predictions on the scoreline, I’m happy if we play well, we have got to make improvements from last week. If we play well we give ourselves every opportunity to win, we know full well that the bookmakers, the pundits have all written us off because of the week that we’ve had and beacuase our player roster was affected by the administrator with Sam Obst, with Dale Ferguson and with Darryl Millard leaving us.  But thats happened, we’ve brought new players in who unfortunately can’t play this week but they will be figuring next week so it’s going to be a real tight game and a really close game but I think we’ve every opportuity should we play well of coming away with  the win.”

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