Fans fight back to help the club

posted on 27 April 2011

Following a discussion on RLFans, one of our fans has created a new fan page for the club - ‘Keep Wakefield Wildcats in Super League’.

This is a great effort to show the RFL that we are a club that deserves it’s place in Super League and won’t go down without a fight!  Our application is in and, we think, it’s a very viable document.  It proves that we are very strong contenders and that Rugby League as a whole would miss out by not having us there.

Please can all fans click here and ‘like’ the page.  We need to get this up well into the thousands as a display of our strength and determination as a Club.  If all our supporters could urge their FaceBook friends to ‘like’ the page we could get this going very quickly!

It’s things like this that prove that ‘This is Wakefield and Together we are Stronger!’

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