Wildcats in the Community Organises Post-16 College Festival

posted on 8 April 2011

The rugby league festival between girls from Greenhead College, St.Wilfrid’s, Outwood Grange Academy and Wakefield Academy took place yesterday at Outwood Grange on a perfectly sunny afternoon. The games were played in a 9 a-side, round robin format and lasted 12 minutes.

The first games were played between St. Wilfrid’s against Greenhead College and Outwood against Wakefield College. Greenhead College were the first to score two tries, bursting through St. Wilfrid’s defence. St. Wilfrids replied with a try soon after but Greenhead College scored another try soon after. St. Wilfrid’s finally broke through Greenhead’s strong defence to score a try in the last few minutes. The final score from the first game was 4 tries to Greenhead and 2 tries to St. Wilfrid’s. The game between Outwood Grange and Wakefield College was highly contested. Wakefield were the first to score with Outwood scoring soon after. Outwood’s fancy footwork enabled them to dance through Wakefield’s defence for their second try, but Wakefield’s Rachel managing to score two tries in quick concession to allow her to get a hatrick. The game ended Outwood 2 tries, Wakefield College 3 tries.

The second set of games were between Greenhead College against Wakefield College and Outwood Grange against St. Wilfrid’s. Greenhead were the first to score two tries from some strong running which challenged Wakefield’s solid defence. Wakefield soon replied with a try from some efficient passing, but Greenhead’s attack was too strong and the final score ended up Greenhead 4 tries and Wakefield 1 try. The game between St. Wilfrid’s and Outwood was a very physical game with some strong runs and solid defence sets from both teams. St. Wilfrid’s were the first scorer with Outwood piercing through to score two tries soon after to take the lead. Greenhead replied by scoring quick tries just before full time.

The final set of games were between St. Wilfrid’s against Wakefield College and Outwood grange against Greenhead College. Greenhead were the first scorers but Outwood scored soon after. Outwood then picked up an injury which meant they would have to work harder to defend. The final score ended up 5-2 to Greenhead. The game between St. Wilfrid’s and Wakefield College was a very physical encounter with St. Wilfrid’s scoring the first two tries. Wakefield defended hard but could not stop St Wilfrids’s powerful attack. The final score ended up 3-1 to a St Wilfrids.

The day’s winners were Greenhead College, followed by St Wilfrids, Wakefield College and Outwood Grange.

Clare Marlow, Women and Girls Development Officer at Wakefield Wildcats added;

‘I would like to say a massive thank you Outwood Grange for hosting the competition and providing spots leaders to referee the games. And also Leeds Metropolitan University Volunteer, Sarah Broadbent for writing the match report’.
‘The competition was organised as a result of Carl Atherton contacting me to see if I knew anyone around the area who would like to play Greenhead in a friendly and as a result we had four colleges battling it out head-to-head. This competition demonstrated that the demand is there for the women’s game at post-16, and has potential to move forward. For all involved it was fantastic occasion seeing so many girls playing the game of rugby league. We now look to organise a second college festival at the beginning of May’.

If you would like to take part in this competition or would like any other information then please contact claremarlow@wakefieldwildcats.co.uk

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