Chairman’s Update

posted on 21 May 2011

Well, it’s game day again, and what a day we have planned for you.  It’s great to be host to another local derby between ourselves and the Castleford Tigers.  I hope the fans show up in their numbers to show their support to our great team and encourage them on to another win.

With both our clubs under inspection for the next round of licences, it’s a perfect opportunity to show the RFL and wider audience just how much our two teams bring to the game.  Also, with it being on BBC 1, we should be able to encourage new fans to the sport and our clubs.

As I am sure you are all aware (and I hope you have seen), we are continuing our TV advertising.  We believe this is bringing back the fans that may have stayed away over previous years.  Our average gate is up by over 800 people, on last year, so it shows that something we are doing is working.  The advertising has already been booked for the next 3 home games and we hope to continue this for the rest of the season.

Yet again, there have been a number of ground improvements taking place over the last few weeks.  There are still loads to do, but I am sure you can all see that we are getting there.

As much as we are all very happy with the performance and effort our team are putting on, we are very happy to inform you that we now have our sponsorship licence sorted and can bring in overseas players.  Jarrad Hickey is trying to get his VISA sorted to make the trip over here next week and although we can’t promise, he should be here and available for selection before next week’s Super League game against Catalans Dragons.

More good news is the contract extension for Frankie Mariano.  He has proved to be a fantastic member of the team, both on and off the field.  We are also working on extending some of the other player’s contracts, but can’t confirm them yet.

We are still looking for some more players to strengthen our squad and are keeping our ear to the ground all the time.  We have a number of prospects and money in the budget to pay for them, but as always, these things take time to sort out.  I will, of course make sure we inform you once we have things signed up.

On the business front, the company is already showing massive leaps forward, with the shop on Trinity Walk, the catering being in house and just a general feeling of change in the right direction.  There is a buzz around the place that has been missing for some time and the team are all, as always, putting everything they have in to their work.  We still have work to do, to get the company to the top, but day by day, we are getting through it.  We thought that once we had the Super league application out of the way, that things would settle down.  Quite the opposite has happened; we are now busier than ever!  The application is basically a great planning tool, which has shown us all the direction we need to be going and focussed us all on our future.

I have announced that we are having a meeting on the 8th of June with all our fans welcome.  I hope that you can make it down to Cedar Court and can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed in what you see and hear.

On a final note, I look forward to seeing you all there today and get behind the lads.  The more noise we make, the better the team will react.

Andrew Glover

This is Wakefield, Together we are Stronger

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