1000 strong crowd back Super League bid!

posted on 9 June 2011

Last night’s event at the Cedar Court Hotel was a resounding success with an unbelievable 1000 strong crowd.

The turnout exceeded all our expectations and proved how much this Club truly means to the people of Wakefield.

With literally hundreds of people queueing outside the hotel and into the car park, the room soon became packed to capacity and it was decided by Club executives that we would do two showings to ensure that all our supporters that had made the effort to come would not miss out on the announcements. We would like to take this opportunity once again to apologise to all the guests that had to wait for the second showing and we thank you very much for waiting so patiently and hope that you enjoyed your evening once you were finally in!

The security guard on shift at the event told Wildcats members of staff, “This is the busiest week night that I have ever seen at the hotel and I have had to turn over 100 people away. We have had a police officer directing vehicles outside due to the increase in traffic that this event has created on the roads.” This is a true testament to the support we get from our fans and with your help we all feel that we can succeed in Super League together.

The announcements were positively recieved by supporters and many comments were made about the enjoyment of the evening. Chairman Andrew Glover, Chief Executive James Elston, Head Coach John Kear, Rugby League Business Consultant Alf Davies and Trinity Legend Neil Fox all provided speeches to the audience regarding the importance of this club to so many people and the importance of working together to keep this club in Super League.

The new Club 1873 is a scheme that will hopefully take us to the 5000 member target that we need to reach to stay in Super League. The level of interest we recieved last night from fans was extremely encouraging and it was fantastic to see much passion and determination to help the Club. The stadium development announcement is a fantastic stride in the right direction for Wakefield Trinity Wildcats and will provide us with a Super League compliant stadium fit for our fantastic team and our fantastic City whilst we are waiting for Newmarket.

We would like to take this opportunity once again to thank each and every supporter that attended last night’s meeting. With the help of all our fans we can put up an incredibly strong fight to stay in Super League and keep this club where it deserves to be.

For more information on Club 1873 and to pledge your help towards reaching our 5000 member target then please phone the club on 01924 211611 or email Mark Wildie at markwildie@wakefieldwildcats.co.uk. If you already have a form please hand it in at The Wildcats Superstore on Doncaster Road or post it to the stadium.

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

To become a member of Club 1873 simply click here!

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