Wildcats Set to Hold Guinness World Record This Afternoon

posted on 26 June 2011

The Wakefield Trinity Wildcats are set to be Guinness World Record holders come 3.30pm today after having held the Largest Remote Dance Class!

Dance Development Officer Jodie Travis has been working tirelessly to recruit 800 people to ‘Dance with Daddy Cool’ and help break the record on the pitch before our game against Hull today.

The Record Breaker will take place at 3.00pm with over 800 people descending onto the pitch. The session will be lead by The Wildcat Dolls, and of course our very own Daddy Cool.

Jodie commented, “The children of Wakefield have really enjoyed having Daddy Cool in their schools and the response we have had has been amazing. I am really looking forward to this afternoon and I would like to urge all children that have signed up to take part to make sure they attend today’s class and help us smash the record!”

The Wakefield Trinity Wildcats would like to inform all participants that the event will be taking place today regardless of the weather conditions – come rain or shine we will break this record!

May all participants be reminded that no promotional Dance Record tickets will be available on game day, if you do not have a ticket full admission prices will apply. We look forward to seeing you all this afternoon and can’t wait to break a world record!

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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