World Record Breaking Wildcats!

posted on 27 June 2011

The Wakefield Trinity Wildcats broke a Guiness World Record yesterday for the ‘largest remote dance class’!

The event, that had required weeks of hard work and planning, was a huge success with over 800 children descending onto the pitch at The Rapid Solicitors Stadium before the game yesterday against Hull FC.

The current record stood at 690, and with an official announcement of 787 children taking part, plus the Wildcat Kittens, Dolls and members of Joanne Baker School of Dance, the Wildcats well and truly smashed the record!

The sun was shining, the music was blaring and the stadium was packed with the atmosphere buzzing before the game began. Dancers, Jodie Travis and Sarah Elston, ran the class with help from our very own Daddy Cool. The participants all warmed up together and then completed an exciting routine that has been practiced over a number of weeks throughout 26 local schools.

The event created a fantastic crowd and helped to fill the Rapid Solicitors Stadium on a scorching Sunday afternoon. On behalf of everyone at The Club, we would like to congratulate all who took part and thank them for providing such excellent pre match entertainment. Over the weeks the project has allowed The Wildcats to engage with nearly 20,000 people, which is a great achievement for the profile of not only the club but the sport as well.

Event organiser Jodie Travis commented, “I was confident we would break the record but the success of the event has really exceeded my expectations. The children were fantastic, the atmosphere that was created was electric and most of all everyone had so much fun!”

“I would like to thank everyone for their help and say a massive well done to all our new record breakers! I can’t wait for our certificate to arrive.”

Wildcats Chief Executive added, “Our event before the match yesterday was fantastic, the hard work and dedication of our Community Team really paid off.”

“Working with schools to actively involve children with The Wildcats is of high importance to us at the club and it was great to see so many children of Wakefield partaking in the activity. Interacting with the community is what Super League is all about and we achieved that to a very high standard yesterday.”

“Well done to all involved and thank you for making our Super League club World Record breakers!”

Click here to watch the video of the world record breaking dance class!

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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