Daddy Cool Visits Pinderfields

posted on 16 July 2011

The Wakefield Trinity Wildcats Community Team and mascot Daddy Cool visited the children’s ward and assesment unit at Pinderfields Hosiptal on Thursday morning.

The Wildcats payed the children a visit and brought along a few gifts with them to cheer the patients up! Each child received a shirt, a medal, some Wildcats stickers and a programme.

15 children were visited throughout the morning who were all delighted to see Daddy Cool. The team got chatting to a lot of the children who were telling us all about why they were at Pinderfields. One young girl was visiting her sibling and another little boy ended up in hospital whilst on holiday from Italy.

The children enjoyed spending time with Daddy Cool and were eager to have their photograph taken with him and the Wildcats gifts were very well received by the youngsters.

Wildcats Community Officer Clare Marlow who attended the visit commented, “It is fantastic that we can visit the children and help brighten up their day. Being out in the community is a massive part of our job and it is very rewarding to see such a smile on the young children’s face.”

“I would like to wish all the┬ápatients a speedy recovery and it was a pleasure and an inspiration to meet them all.”

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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