Success of Club 1873

posted on 21 July 2011

Wakefield Trinity Wildcats are delighted to announce that Club 1873 has not only reached but surpassed the target of members!

Since launching the scheme back in June, the club has been inundated with fans joining and showing their support to the club. The club are highly delighted with the numbers achieved so quickly and feel that it is a testimony shown by the loyal fans that we have.

We are aware that some fans are concerned by reading various pieces in the media that membership to this scheme won’t be counted in the 5000 required by the RFL as part of the licensing process, however we can confirm that the membership will count as part of the criteria.

Blake Solly, Compliance Manager RFL said: ‘“For the current round of Licensing, the number of season ticket holders a club has is a criteria in the assessment of any application. However as clubs move to more flexible membership and season ticket arrangements in order to grow their supporter base, this criteria will be reviewed and amended to ensure that Licensing keeps pace with the initiatives of our clubs”.

We hope that this will allay any fears supporters may have had.

Once again, we thank you for your loyal and continued support. This is Wakefield and together we are stronger!

For further details on Club 1873 please click here

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