We are Super League!

posted on 27 July 2011

The Wakefield Trinity Wildcats were delighted to hear the news yesterday morning that they will remain a Super League team for the next three years.

Wildcats Chairman Andrew Glover writes to supporters:

“What a great day we all had yesterday.  It’s great to see the efforts of all the staff and team paying off and a big well done from me for their work.”

“I mentioned on Calendar that we have been informed by Blake Solly, RFL Compliance Manager, that we won this licence on our own merit.  It’s a shame that the gloss was taken off our award by the mention of Crusaders removing their application.  That being said, we here all know the truth that it’s our efforts, commitment and hard work that has got us this licence.”

So, ‘Super League’, what a great thing to say!  This is where the work really starts though; we now have to deliver everything we have promised.  For us to be secure over the next 3 years it’s now our job to produce all the things that we have outlined in our application.”

“The plans will now be lodged with the council for the new stands and the other improvements we have planned and mentioned.  Efforts will be increased to ensure we get the Newmarket site up and running and through the Secretary of State, and then build for us!”

“Obviously, we also have some work to do on the field.  The team have been great for us so far this year, with 6 wins more than anyone expected us to get, and still a good chance of more.  We now have the ability to start building and strengthening the team, as players can talk to us with confidence knowing what their future with Wakefield Trinity Wildcats will hold.”

“Okay, onwards and upwards! Let’s make this place rock on Sunday. This is a chance for all our fans to celebrate our fantastic news together and hopefully be cheering on the boys after picking up another 2 points. Call 01924 211611 to get your tickets, let’s prove that we are staying exactly where we deserve to be!”

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

Andrew Glover


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