Actors Swap Their Stage for Their Studs!

posted on 23 August 2011

The full Wakefield Trinity Wildcats first team squad enjoyed a training session with a difference yesterday as they were joined by the cast of new production ‘Broken Time’.

Written by Bradford-based Mick Martin, BROKEN TIME is a new theatre production that charts the tumultuous events that led up to the historic split between the amateur and professional codes of rugby, or Rugby League and Union as we now know it.

The play is set to premiere at Theatre Royal Wakefield, and JK has offered an unusual opportunity to show the club’s support for this project.

The actors and the players teamed up and took part in a training session lead by Head Coach John Kear to help the cast get to know each other as many were meeting at The Rapid Solicitors Stadium for the first team and to improve their knowledge of the game.

The first team stars showed the actors skills such as playing the ball, passing techniques, tackling and scrum formation. Although the actors were certainly put through their paces, a fantastic morning was had by all with the players enjoying helping the cast out.

Producer of the show, Jude Wright, was thrilled with how the session went, “We all had a brilliant morning at The Wildcats. It was a perfect bonding session for my cast and it was great to see how all the actors and players were working together.”

“I’d like to thank John and the team for helping us so much, each and every player was superb and explained everything to us clearly. What a great start to our rehearsals!”

Wildcats Marketing and Media Coordinator Alice Furbisher who attended the event added, “It was a really valuable session for both parties. The players really enjoyed meeting the cast and doing something different and it’s always great when they can help the local community and share their skills.”

“I received a lot of positive feedback from the actors, who all really enjoyed meeting the players and were very grateful of how welcoming and friendly the lads had been. On behalf of all the staff and players at the Club, I’d like to wish Jude and the cast every success with ‘Broken Time’.”

Please contact 01924 211311 to purchase your tickets for the Wakefield performance that will run from September 21st to September 24th.

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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