Priceless Memorabilia Donated to Wildcats Heritage

posted on 29 September 2011

The Wakefield Trinity Wildcats Heritage Project, ‘Belle Vue Booked and Boxed’, has received a priceless donation from supporter and sponsor, Linda Bratley.

Linda has recently retired from her position as Branch Manager at Wildcats’ sponsors Unison as she is set to move away from Yorkshire and begin a life in Ireland.

Linda has donated some priceless memorabilia to the Wildcats Heritage Project that she has been cherishing for many years. Linda and her friend were the first ever cheerleaders at Wakefield Trinity in the 1960′s and her unique kit is to be displayed as part of the project, alongside a classic photograph of them both in their uniforms at Belle Vue.

Linda came to the Rapid Solicitors Stadium to meet with Director of Education Mark Winder and showcase her original outfit and was photographed with current Wildcat Doll, Lauren Portman, who modelled the unique 40 year old kit.

As well as the cheer leading memorabilia, Linda brought along some historic playing artefacts that belonged to her Uncle Leonard, a Trinity player in the 1940′s. His prestigious 1946 Wembley medal has been donated to the project along with other classic Rugby League memorabilia.

Linda Bratley is very pleased that her treasured posessions have found a good home at The Wildcats, “I was very keen to support the Heritage Project and donate these items to help Wakefield Trinity.”

“As I am retiring and moving to Ireland, I didn’t want the items to be stored away and felt that they should be seen and in what better way than by the Wildcats supporters and people of Wakefield.”

Mark Winder added, “I am especially grateful to Linda for her generous donation to the Heritage Project. The project is really now taking shape and I would like to take this opportunity to urge any fans to contact the club who would like to support the project.”

“Belle Vue Booked and Boxed captures the memories of Wakefield Trinity and the long and illustrious tenure at Belle Vue. I would like to thank Linda once again for her donation and I hope that our supporters thoroughly enjoy the displays.”

Keep your eye out on the project’s website for more information on the project and where it will be displayed, opening times and an online stadium tour. Visit now!

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