posted on 2 December 2011

Wildcats Chief Executive, James Elston, has called on the public of Wakefield to show their support for the Newmarket Development at the start of the crucial public inquiry on Tuesday.

Wildcats CEO James Elston is calling on Wildcats fans to be at Wakefield Town Hall at 9am on 6th December

On 23rd October 2010 the Planning and Highways committee of Wakefield Council unanimously approved the plans for the development at Newmarket Lane, Stanley which include a range of commercial units and a much sought after Community Stadium and Sports Facilities that will benefit the entire District and would provide a new home for the Wildcats.

Later last year the plans were called in by the Secretary of State and as such a public inquiry will take place in Wakefield Town Hall from Tuesday 6th December to hear from all parties for and against the development.

Wildcats staff will join members of Stadium Wakefield Action Group (SWAG); Wakefield Trinity Supporters Trust and Residents for Newmarket at the steps of the City Hall at 9am as the public inquiry prepares to get underway, and Elston is calling on Wildcats fans and the wider public of Wakefield to join them in showing their support for the development.

Speaking to Wildcats TV, Elston said the importance of public support cannot be underestimated.

“It’s huge,” said Elston of the public inquiries bearing on the future of sport in Wakefield.

“The inspector’s coming to see if this city needs a stadium and that person has got to make a decision on whether or not all the processes enabling the development, the reasons that we want it, the community benefits that come from it and the community benefits that come from having a club in Super League and why it is so important.

“The only way for that person to feel that straight away as soon as they come into the city is to see how much it means to people.

“If you’re a Wakefield supporter or someone who is proud of this city and proud to be born and brought up in Wakefield and wants to do something and be a part of something then the 6th December is the time to do it.

“If they’ve been a part of the journey then they can feel proud that if the inquiry goes our way then it’s a really bright future for sport in Wakefield and for us as Wakefield Trinity Wildcats.”

Phil Townsend of SWAG added: “SWAG have been campaigning for over seven years to have a Community Sports Facility built which would make Wakefield proud.

“Now only Keith Wakefield – and his use of public money to protect the interests of Leeds – stands in the way of completing our aims. In an age of austerity we should be grateful that we have such a wonderful, fully funded opportunity to improve the quality of life and opportunities for thousands of people.”

“There is a clear case for supporting the Newmarket development,” commented Jonathan Stone of Residents for Newmarket.

“It all adds up from the aspect of job creation; access to the motorway; the re-use of industrial land and the benefits to the district brought by the building of the Community Stadium. The case brought by Leeds is based purely on self-interest and we are confident that we are able to counter any argument against it that they can construct.”

Supporters Trust Chairman, Ian Bramley, continued: “It is widely considered that Wakefield Trinity Wildcats remain in Super League only via the last minute withdrawal of Crusaders.

“This has granted us with the opportunity to secure the future of this famous club for current and future generations and this will, in turn, allow the club and its own Community Trust to continue to deliver the fantastic work through its schools and community programmes focused on the elements of healthy living through diet and exercise.

“We also believe that the club can genuinely aspire to success in the model as Warrington have shown as a result of moving to their own new stadium site.”

The club urge as many supporters as possible to join us outside the Town Hall from 9.00am on Tuesday 6th December to show their support for the Newmarket Scheme.

You can watch the full interview with Elston on Wildcats TV.

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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