posted on 13 March 2012

It took two rugby sides made up of devoted female players to bring out the shining sun on Sunday afternoon at the Wildcats and Giants pre-match game.

Outwood Grange and Osset High School are preparing for the Champion Schools trophy.

And shine they did.

The 9-a-side teams consisted of female students from years 7 and 8 who attend local schools Outwood Grange Academy and Osset High School.

The girls played in a 45-minute full contact rugby league game, all in preparation for the Carnegie Champion Schools tournament. The tournament is the biggest national schools competition that is open to every secondary school in England, Wales and Scotland.

It allows teams to compete against one another in a knockout tournament, which eventually see’s the two strongest teams sweating it out in the Nationals final , traditionally held over the Carnegie Challenge Cup weekend later on in the year.

This for many of the girls participating in Sunday’s pre Wildcats vs. Giants match, was a priceless opportunity which not only gave them the chance to shine bright in front of the very large vocal crowd which consisted of families, friends and peers, but they were also able to showcase their many skills in front of a few of the non-playing Wildcats players.

Showing their encouragement and support for the girls on game day were Dale Morton, Adam Slater and Russ Spiers.

Osset’s swiftness and hard runs kept them in the lead early on in the game, however the stamina and commitment to catch their opponents allowed Outwood Grange to make a strong and well deserved comeback with the final score of 7-7 which to Women and Girls Development Officer Clare Marlow was not a surprise

”The dedication and effort made by both teams was outstanding. We could not have asked for better results.’

“The girls have been nothing but appreciative of their opportunity. The dedication and commitment shown throughout training sessions definitely showed on the field.

“The girls are a pleasure to work with and I look forward to seeing them play in the other scheduled games.

“PE teachers Kat Slater of Outwood Grange Academy, and Laura Wolfenden of Ossett High School need to be congratulated for their hard work and achievements. A big thank you to these two ladies who assisted with the preparation for the match. Without them today the pre-match game would not have been a success.’’

The girls will have a couple more training sessions up their jersey sleeves prior to game days further on in the week. For those that missed out and would like to see these two local sides tackle their way to the next round match details are listed below:

Year 7 girls: Wakefield Schools Cup on Tuesday 13 March, 3.30pm at Castleford Panthers ARLFC

Year 8 girls: Wakefield Schools Cup on Thursday 15 March, 3:30pm at Outwood Grange Academy.

Good luck to all those teams taking part.

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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