posted on 23 April 2012

Over the past 10 weeks the Wildcats have been running Touch Rugby sessions at The Wakefield Football Centre.

The Touch Rugby is always popular at the Wildcats.

Fourteen 16+ participants have been taking part in training sessions to improve fitness levels, Rugby skills and interacting with others.

Stewart Foster who was a regular last season said: “Since starting the dads club in the summer of 2010, I have had a massive increase in my energy levels and zest for life.

“I have made many new friends and had plenty to look forward to instead of lounging around with no purpose, the dads club gave me many hours of enjoyment that you wouldn’t get from going to the gym.”

The programme is tailored to suit men from all walks of life who maybe just want to lose some weight or regain their fitness levels.  All participants will be invited to form a team to enter the Wakefield Wildcats Touch Rugby tournament starting 27th April.

Also down at the Wakefield Football Centre on a Tuesday night, six teams have taken part in a Touch Rugby League for the past 13 weeks. The teams included: Cobra KAIs, Colts 93, Bombardiers, Dads and Lads, Incredibulls and Wakefield Mets CRL.

These games have been played in great spirit and with high skill levels, this showed by the league been decided by one try on the final night with Cobra Kai’s taking the glory in a programme that is supported by Heart Research UK.

“I have really enjoyed taking part in the touch rugby tournaments operated by the community team at Wakefield Wildcats,” Jamie Davies said who was part of the Monday and Tuesday sessions with The Dads, Lads and Lasses team.

“As a player that is unable to play the full contact version of the sport anymore I have found these tournaments to be highly organised that allows me to continue playing.

“The games are played to a high & competitive standard with a great mix of age, gender, fitness & skill levels that challenge players each week. Along with this there is good level of coaching offered by the team during & after games each week & since joining I have increased my fitness, lost weight & met a wide range of people in the community.

“Overall, it is great fun, a great way to meet people, a great way to keep fit, a great way to still play the game after injury & I would recommend joining to anybody.”

The Wildcats Community Team would like to thank all participants who took part in the Touch rugby sessions and hope to see you at events during the summer.

If you would like to learn more about touch rugby visit or contact the Wildcats Development Team via emali at or or call 01924 211611 to keep up to date on Wildcats touch events.

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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