posted on 27 July 2012

Club 1873 has once again brought a wide smile to a loyal Wildcats supporter after Paul Aiton turned up at member Doug Taylor’s house and presented him with a signed Wakefield shirt, courtesy of winning July’s spot prize.

Paul Aiton presents a signed shirt on the doorstep of Club 1873 member Doug Taylor and his son Tom.

It is the third spot prize Club 1873 have given away since the revamp of the Lottery earlier this season and the first time a first team player has visited the house of one lucky winner.

The spot prize was introduced to Club 1873 as yet another way to win with the clubs lottery which provides much needed money to help fund the Wildcats well renowned academy structure.  Additional benefits of being a member of Club 1873 are being in with a chance of winning £250 every week as there is a guaranteed winner each and every Sunday as opposed to the old rollover format.

That is not all though as every single day prizes are won with vouchers for the club shop, £25v food voucher for Frankie and Benny’s, family passes for Total Fitness and many more. Twice a year the lottery scheme have a £2,000 mega draw so there are so many reasons to sign up on top of knowing you will financially help Trinity’s stars of tomorrow, just like Doug does.

His reward was having player of the season contender Aiton knocking on his door to present him a signed shirt.  Mr Taylor was delighted to be a winner with Club 1873.

“It really is excellent that Paul came around and presented us with the shirt. It was a big surprise, it couldn’t have been better. As far as I am concerned he is the best overseas signing that we’ve made since David Solomona, for me he has been the player of the season this year. The effort he puts in is fantastic.

“I have been a season ticket holder for as long as I can remember and I joined Club 1873 as soon as it was formed last year.

“It is all about bringing the young kids through so and so we don’t lose them to other clubs, Huddersfield have snapped a lot of our younger players up in the past, we want to put a stop to that,” said the member.

Wildcats hooker Aiton was delighted to make another Trinity supporter happy and he has backed Club 1873 after becoming a member himself earlier this year.

“It is a great reward and it is a great thing the club is doing. It is good to see supports not just coming to games to support us but off the field too, he is supporting the young kids and for a player it is great to hear that and the club should be proud to have supporters like Doug.  Club 1873 is such a good initiative and I am very proud to be a member of it.”

The forward has been back around the Rapid Solicitors Stadium this week after surgery to repair a broken jaw he suffered after being mugged on a short holiday in Spain. After the original shock of the attack Aiton says he is now looking towards the future.

“Things are looking good and I’m trying to find positives and concentrate on getting back playing in the Wakefield jumper for the last couple of weeks of the season,” said the hooker.

“It was a depressing time and it wasn’t just disappointment but a bit of anger too as to why it happened. I’m past that now and you have to let things go, I am wishing for a speedy recovery to get back on the field.

“I had four plates installed in my jaw and I was told it was a normal fracture for a jaw so it wasn’t anything unusual for the doctors. I had pinhole surgery and they did a really good job.

“I have a bit of wire in my mouth that has to come out in a week or two but it feels pretty good. The thing that hurt the most was the wisdom tooth that they had to take out but the jaw itself feels pretty good, I’m confident I’ll be back before the end of the season.”

Having a broken jaw has a mountain of problems with the main one being the difficulty of eating. The doctors told the Papua New Guinea captain he is not to chew any food and can only eat soup and ice cream, something the powerful forward has found difficult to adapt to.

“I don’t think I can stomach any more tinned soup, I’ve had so much of it it’s incredible!

“All I have been told to eat is soup so I am doing as the doctor tells me. I can’t chew at all for another week or two, I’ve lost a lot of weight but I am talking to nutritionists to try and get the right foods in me.

“It has really helped that my girlfriend is over from Australia now so she will make good for me and get me eating a lot quicker.

“It has been very difficult, I have thought about it before when my mates have broken their jaw playing footy but I didn’t realise just exactly how tough it is. It is very tough to know you can’t just go and eat a steak or a piece of chicken.  Athletes eat meat to get power so to just stop all of a sudden is just so difficult.

“I am confident I will get back in time so that’s what I am trying and aiming for so I will try my hardest. I can’t help if it doesn’t heel in time but I’m confident.”

If you would like to sign up and be part of Club 1873 to be in with a chance of being a Wildcats winner and helping the junior development programme at the club visit either of our retail outlets at the Ridings Centre or Rapid Solicitors Stadium Box Office or call 01924 211 611.

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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