posted on 14 July 2012

Wakefield Wildcats are delighted to announce Jonathan Robinson as the clubs official Chaplain.

Jonathan Robinson is proud to be Trinity's 'debut' Chaplain

Trinity decided to make the appointment after the Wildcats Community team helped raise funds in a marathon Robinson recently completed. It was then that the vicar met Chief Executive James Elston after he ran the last mile and he enquired about starting a position at the club.

Jon has a wealth of experience behind him including working as the Associate Pastor at New Life Christian Centre Wakefield for the past 17 years which has helped him develop strong links with local schools and communities.

Trinity’s club Chaplain’s main role outside of the club involves working in schools teaching RE lessons, hosting assemblies and running after school clubs.

Through his church work he is involved in the CAP homeless project, Prison ministries, Primary and High School work.

Robinson is hoping to make a difference both on and off the field and explains his role within the club:

“I am here to help the whole club and I’m here every Thursday. I’m working on a voluntary basis and the church in Wakefield sees this as a vital role and they are really behind me. We are a church of 250 people and they see it as another branch into the community.

“I am a neutral person because if a player does not want to open up to Richard Agar or James Elston then I am here as somebody outside the rugby environment. I am not going to influence them and I am a neutral person to listen to. Sometimes players will like to talk to people who are ingrained in the club but I am from the outside that has a listening ear to help,” said Robinson.

More clubs are hiring Chaplain’s as a positive influence within the group with the majority of football clubs leading the way in having their own Priest but Robinson is keen to stress his role is not a stereotypical one.

“It is just for somebody to be there, not preach at people and talk about God but to care and be a good listener and to help the club in practical ways. If somebody has a problem and want to chat to me then I will be around for that.

“I have dinner with them every Thursday so that is nice, I really enjoy it.

“I hope they don’t see me as a fuddy-duddy and somebody that is religious and be preaching at them and will always be talking about God and Jesus, that is not what I am about. I am here to help and to give values, the Christian values that will help the club and the players.

“It is key in a club, you can go so far being good individual players or a good team but I think a lot of achievement comes when things are right on the inside. When you have a good attitude, not just on the field but in your whole life it is important.

“It is about the whole person and not just the game himself, it is how you view things, your perspective on life, being positive, being an encourager and that can help on the field and on the game just as much as anything else.”

Robinson is a Gold member at the Rapid Solicitors Stadium and despite his vibrant personality he admits he doesn’t have to be the centre of attention.

“I might not have to say too much.  It is just being here and being around can add something to the club. I want to be a positive encouraging person to individuals and to the club. I want people to believe the club can be great.”

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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