posted on 2 September 2012

Wildcats match winner and captain Danny Kirmond saluted the togetherness and team spirit throughout the club after the tense 22-18 victory over Widnes.

Danny Kirmond was the match winner for the Wildcats.

The skipper scored with just minutes remaining on the clock to give Trinity their sixth successive victory and take them into the top eight with just one regular season game remaining. In what was a scrappy affair the score remained tight all game after Widnes led 10-6 at the break.

Richard Mathers and Ali Lauitiiti scored after the interval until it was left for Kirmond to score the winning try after Kyle Wood made the break. Despite the crucial victory the 26-year-old says it was a difficult evening.

“It was frustrating, we didn’t really do what we have been setting out to do over the last few weeks and we were really scratchy in the game and didn’t play to pour potential,” he said.

“We showed a lot of character and we dug in and got the two points which is the most important thing at this stage of the season.

“Other results had gone for us that probably put a bit more pressure on a few of the guys and maybe some people let it get to them which obviously affected us but at the end of the day we have came out with the two points which is awesome for the club going into next week which puts it all in our hands.”

There was under five minutes remaining when the winning score was set-up by Wood when it looked easier to pass inside but ‘Kirmo’ jokingly admitted the hooker was letting a friend take the glory.

“We are a bit tight are me and Woody, we used to travel to Huddersfield together so I think he was helping his mate out and he got himself a bottle of champagne there with that and it was definitely vintage champagne because he will not crack it open, he is definitely the tightest guy in the squad.

“I think Washy was outside me screaming for it and I didn’t really see him, I tend to have a bad thing where I don’t really look when I get near the line. It’s probably from my winger days and I like to get over the line and I was glad to get over because it would have been a bad move if I wouldn’t have done. I was just happy to get over and get the win which is always the most important thing.”

It’s the third game running where Trinity have left it until the dying moments of the game to secure victory and the back-rower says it is not by accident they have started to reap the rewards.

“At the start of the season we had a few tight games that we came out on the wrong side of and maybe a little bit of character and also just knowing each other that you are playing with which is obviously a crucial thing in the game. We are now really digging in together and there is a great team spirit here and the best team spirit I have ever played under, right from the coaching staff down to the backroom staff it’s a real good place to be. I think you can see that we are digging in and working hard for these victories.

“Being captain is something I’m really proud of with it being my hometown club and it’s not something I’ve done before but to be a captain is a huge honour and it’s something I’m really enjoying, especially on nights like this when the fans really turn up and it’s been the loudest at Wakefield while I’ve been here and even when I have came to watch.

“It was a great atmosphere and I can only thank the fans for that, it just goes to show how well the backroom staff are doing in advertising the game and getting people down for that as well.

“It looked packed out and it was really good. After the game when the boys were walking around the fans are full of respect for the boys because I think they can see the effort they are putting in and it’s good to repay the effort they are putting in as well, it’s a win-win situation.”

8,234 was the attendance inside the Rapid Solicitors Stadium for the vital clash and Kirmond says the added media coverage is also an outcome of their exciting brand of rugby.

“I think that happens when you are playing well and we have been playing well. Today we were a little bit off but we got a win and it was an exciting game which is good for viewers to watch.

“You don’t want these washout score lines and we are an entertaining team to watch. Some people have said we are conservative but I don’t think that, we play really exciting rugby and we play a nice brand of rugby as well which is good to watch.”

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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