posted on 3 September 2012

The Rapid Solicitors Stadium recently hosted a coaching workshop called ‘Becoming CAYPABLE’ which was created by the RFL with help from the Wildcats with the new course designed to improve coaches understanding of coaching young players’ movement skills.

The CAYPABLE resource pack.

The RFL workshop is aimed at coaches working with children and young people with the coaching focus being the development of fundamental movement skills relevant to rugby league.

The Wildcats piloted the initial project 18 months ago after research from rugby league’s governing body, and this led to the creation of a workshop and resources titled ‘Becoming CAYPABLE’ which stands for:

CAYP – Children And Young Players (Who are we coaching)

ABActivity Base (What are we coaching)

LELearning Environment (How are we coaching)

The workshop is ideal for qualified coaches who are currently coaching players in the 6 to 11 age groups, whilst it is equally relevant to maintaining the skills once acquired at older age group, including adults and high performance players. The module is designed to explore this exciting new approach whilst focusing on giving coaches the activities to provide their players with the movement skills that underpin the core skills of rugby league.

A key concept within the workshop is SOL which stands for Stability, Object control and Locomotion. The feedback from the 20 coaches that were present at the ‘sold out workshop’ at the Rapid Solicitors Stadium was very positive, and the resource pack proved to be a big success.

The CAYPABLE resource pack.

The resource pack includes a session by session training plan, and associated training drills and practices already mapped out for coaches.

A buzz word that the leader of the course, Darren Rogers (former England, Castleford and Dewsbury winger) would like to use is ‘inclusive’. The tools learnt from CAYPABLE are part of an inclusive set to up-skill their current work and is an initiative that the RFL want to expand on in the future which is a pathway for coaches at level one and above.

The Wildcats Player Performance Manager John Kain commented:

“The reason why Wakefield Wildcats initiated the workshop was part of our commitment to the development of the community game for coaches, players, and clubs as a whole. The Wildcats have started a process of engagement with local community clubs to support the excellent work that the volunteer workforce, and particularly the coaches, deliver.

“Moving forward with this concept the Wildcats will be extending their partnership arrangements and actively engaging with coaches, players, and administrators in the Wakefield district and beyond.”

RFL coach Darren Rogers added: “To have 20 coaches from the surrounding areas of Wakefield looking to up-skill themselves by learning new practices was fantastic. At first the coaches appeared worried about the cards and didn’t have a clear understanding of the workshop, but through the practical delivery being out on the field and learning visually they thoroughly enjoyed the session.

“It is brilliant how Wakefield Wildcats are working to deliver workshops such as CAYPABLE and create a link between the professional club and the community and I understand this is just the start of this relationship as the club hope to deliver similar sessions in the future.”

Anyone who would like information about the CAYPABLE workshop and the Wildcats engagement with coach and player development in the community clubs can contact John Kain on 01924 211611 or email on johnkain@wakefieldwildcats.co.uk.

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