posted on 4 October 2012

Former Wildcats full-back Steve Prescott is about to embark on yet another incredible challenge as he starts the Race To The Grand Final Quadrathon this afternoon which includes a stop off at the Rapid Solicitors Stadium at 9pm tonight with Cats Bar open from 8:30 tonight.

Prescott and former Sharlston Rovers man Jimmy Gittins before they start their Challenge

The Quadrathon involves a one mile swim, 140 mile cycle, 18 mile run and a 26 mile canoe over just 48 hours in what is a remarkable challenge set by the Steve Prescott Foundation as he aims to reach Old Trafford two hours before the Grand Final with the match ball.

Prescott’s desire to raise money for his two charities, The Christie Hospital and The Try Assist Fund is as strong as ever and the former St. Helens and Hull FC man is determined to help the worthy causes.

It was in 2006 when Prescott was given just six months to live after being diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer called Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. He was told he would never see his two children grow up. However, after undergoing a major operation in Basingstoke Hospital where tumours were removed from his abdomen he was transferred to the Christie Hospital in Manchester where he was treated with chemotherapy to try and control the remaining disease.

In 2007 Prescott started the concept of fundraising for the Manchester Hospital where he has close ties with and The Try Assist Fund which was previously known as The Rugby League Benevolent Fund. Since then the foundation has raised over £250,000 and Prescott continues to defy the experts that told him he had months to live back in 2006.

His latest challenge will start in Hull and finish at Old Trafford but with a stop off this evening at the Rapid Solicitors Stadium the club are asking supporters to head to the ground this evening and cheer on and donate to the foundation and the brilliant work they do.

Speaking this morning Prescott gave a full run down of the two-day challenge while thanking the Wildcats for their help.

“I am quite nervous ahead of starting this challenge because swimming is something I’ve never done before. We planned on swimming the Humber estuary but due to the bad weather lately we were told that is impossible so instead we are running the Humber Bridge before cycling to Welton Water Adventure Centre and swim one mile in open water which is the equivalent of what we planned on doing in the Humber.

“Once we’ve done that we are cycling all the way from Hull to Liverpool and we will be stopping off in Wakefield at around 9 o’clock this evening. I would like to thank everybody at the Wildcats they have always really supported the foundation and that is no different on this challenge. Jimmy Elston, Sarah and all the Dolls have been magnificent at getting behind our challenges and that shows what kind of club it is so I would like to thank the club for that once again.

“We have checked the weather and we are expecting heavy rain and strong headwinds so it will be tough, especially over the Pennines and we should finish around five or six tomorrow morning, then we can have a little sleep before starting up again.

“We will then swim the Mersey tomorrow and run 18 miles to Runcorn and get in our canoes and kayak 26 miles in one of them, open to the elements and arrive at Old Trafford in time for the Grand Final.”

Trinity Chief Executive James Elston is full of admiration for Prescott.

“Steve is an inspiration and once again he is demonstrating the remarkable man he is by starting the Quadrathon today. The club are always full of support of the foundation and the wonderful work they do in raising awareness and financially supporting the two wonderful charities.

“Steve and his crew will be arriving at the Rapid Solicitors Stadium this evening and we are providing them with soup and sandwiches on a little stop off for they tackle the Pennines overnight. It would be great to see the Wildcats supporters down here this evening to support Steve and help by donating money to reward him and his team. Cats Bar will be open from 8:30 for our supporters to come and meet Steve.

“We wish everybody participating in the challenge a safe journey across the country and hope they raise as much money as possible.”

For more information on the Race To The Grand Final Quadrathon Challenge visit the Steve Prescott Foundation website HERE and donate by clicking HERE.

Prescott will arrive at the Rapid Solicitors Stadium around 9pm this evening

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