posted on 30 November 2012

Tuesday evening saw the last fans forum of 2012 as fans, players, Head Coach Richard Agar, Chief Executive James Elston and Chairman Andrew Glover had their say on the past, present and future of the Wildcats.

The Wildcats held their last fans forum of 2012 on Tuesday. (Picture: Allan McKenzie)

Numerous topics were discussed including player recruitment, the latest on the Newmarket development, the clubs databases and merchandise while new signing Reece Lyne joined Danny Kirmond and Richard Mathers in talking about the 2013 season.

Agar explained the club let Matt James go to free up some space on the salary cap and to give the prop more chance to secure first team rugby and revealed bringing in a new prop is high on his agenda.

“We are talking to a couple of players,” said Agar.

“Keith Mason isn’t one of them at this moment in time. We did have dialogue with Huddersfield and with his agent many months ago and nothing materialised from their end so we set our sights elsewhere.

“I understand Keith’s position has changed at Huddersfield over recent weeks but I’m not sure if we’ve had some dialogue with his agent or not. We are speaking to two other guys who we think really fit our bill but there’s one or two little things in there at the moment that need to fall our way before we have a chance of getting them in.

“The two players we’re talking to are players under contract so that’s wrong (to name them) because if it doesn’t materialise these players are still at their existing clubs.

“We don’t really want to alert the general rugby league public to possibilities that these players are available because if the situation changes at another club it could end up creating a bidding war for ourselves all because we can’t hold our own water.”

New recruit from Hull FC, outside back Lyne told the on looking supporters he would ideally like to play on the wing but has played a lot of centre in the past. However, the speedster said he is training in the back three positions and is happy to play wherever needed and briefly spoke about how a Wakefield pre-season compares to a Hull one.

“A lot of it is the same in terms of fitness but I would say the weights are a lot tougher than Hull and I’m not just saying that. I have benefited from that too because I’ve definitely put some size on from last year,” said Lyne.

Richard Mathers explained his happiness at signing on a permanent basis while discussing the pros and cons of using Twitter as a great marketing tool while Kirmond says he is taking a break from the social networking site.

The last question of the evening was about the progress on the Newmarket development which Glover answered to the gathered audience.

“There is no hold up. The Secretary of State put some conditions on his application when he passed it back to York Court. They took quite a lot of time to sort it out and get them all agreed but they have all been accepted and approved and have been sent back down. We’re sat in a position waiting for him to rubber stamp it.

“It looks like it’s a straightforward practicality issue that they can’t do it yet. We’ve been informed that everything we’ve said yes to is acceptable by them so there’s no logistical reason it shouldn’t just get signed off now unless something comes up we’re not aware of in the background.”

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