posted on 5 January 2013

Richard Agar and his Wakefield Wildcats squad arrive in Portugal today and immediately get underway with their training camp in preparation for the 2013 season.

Richard Agar is hoping to ramp up training over the next five days.

The training base is well renowned with professional sports clubs and a number of teams use the Browns training camp throughout the year. With weather set fair across the stay on the south coast, Agar has made it clear hard work is the priority of the trip ahead of the Featherstone friendly a week on Sunday.

“We will get a lot more training in than we would here,” said the head coach.

“You have to counter that you are out on camp with better weather and a better surface with getting the right loadings for the players. We will be increasing the intensity and be spending more time on the field. We have double sessions on everyday bar one and we feel we have a nice balance with adequate rest and recovery between sessions.

“All the facilities there are to enable as much rest, recuperation and recovery as we see fit. We will monitor that and Lewis Williams will keep a close eye as well as Simon Wray as to how the boys are travelling.”

The squad spent time in the South of France before the 2012 season which helped build the unquestionable team spirit at the club. The boss also took his Hull team to Browns in the past and says getting away from your weekly routine is important.

“The camp last year served a lot of purpose for us and we got a lot out of the week, the trial game at the end of the week wasn’t particularly great but we felt we got through a lot and laid some really good foundations.

“Our foundations are already in place much more than this time last year. We will be looking to tweak a couple of things and work on some areas that we’ve been unable to practice on as much as we would have liked due to the inclement and adverse weather.

“It will also give us opportunity to do some work off the field like the dynamics of the team and what we stand for as a group because last year they were major factors in what we felt created our culture.

“We want to set down some parameters about what is expected and the standards we want to adhere to throughout the season.”

A number of players missed the Boxing Day clash with Leeds including Oliver Wilkes, Lee Smith and Andy Raleigh will all be training in Portugal along with Brad Day who steps up from the under 19s squad.

“We think everybody is in reasonable nick at the moment and it’s been good to get some of the injured guys back. Ollie Wilkes had his cast off this week, Frankie Mariano is back and almost to full training so our squad since Christmas has a much fuller look about it.

“We are not taking Kyle Wood with us because he’s still in a period where he needs to be really stable and Lucas Walshaw is another one that is not coming to camp with us because he broke his ribs. There are one or two minor niggles but we are happy with those guys to go and we know we’ll get enough work out of them during the week.

“We have promoted Brad Day due to a couple of drop outs who has come up from our 19s. Brad is a player that impressed us last year and has gone really well in pre-season with a terrific attitude.

“He has been in with us a number of times in the off-season and we are taking him out to camp to see how he performs alongside our top squad. So far he has really impressed us and hopefully he can continue his development and start knocking on the door for a full-time deal.

“It also shows to our young guys that our 19s are our next tier of players outside our top grade and we are looking at these guys to push their way through. If they can see Brad has been rewarded by this it is great to seethat and we hope Brad can learn some of the stuff he is learning with our guys back down to the 19s. The same goes for James Healy who spent the week with us leading up to Boxing Day.”

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