posted on 14 January 2013

Wakefield winger Ben Cockayne and Wildcat Kittens dancer Kate Atkinson have decided to start 2013 by making sacrifices and raising money for Cancer Research UK.

Ben Cockayne and Kate Atkinson are doing their bit for Cancer Research UK.

The Trinity number 5 is participating in the ‘Dryathlon’ event where 35,000 Britons have came together to raise money for Cancer Research UK by going through January without any alcohol.

Meanwhile, Kate who is 14-years-old has committed herself to shaving off all of her hair in aid of the same charity to raise crucial awareness and money for the cause. The young dancer has been part of the academy for seven years with her and her family lifelong supporters of the club.

Her plan is to raise at least £1,000 and then she will have her head shaved at the first home game of the season against Hull KR on Saturday 9th February.  Kate has been unfortunate to have seen loved ones pass away while suffering from different types of cancer so she has made this bold move to help put a stop to it.

Her main aim is to raise awareness of how cancer effects people and changes lives of them and the people close to them by raising over £1,000 by the first home fixture of the season which will go to Cancer Research UK.

Kate commented:

“I’m fed up of seeing families torn apart by cancer and how upset and angry it can make people, I wish that cancer was never created, it’s hurt too many people, and it’s done it so easily, it has to stop.

“I was talking with a group of friends with how brave people are to shave their hair off, do marathons and sky dives for charity and I said I would actually shave my hair off for cancer and everybody on the table was like I’d back you up all the way apart from one girl who didn’t believe I would.

“It started getting spread around school, everybody said I was so brave and they have so much respect for me, I didn’t know what to say back, a couple of weeks later I saw this inspirational girl called Maigan Briggs shave her hair off for anxiety awareness and I just thought to myself, if she can do it, why can’t I?

“I sent for a pack from Cancer Research UK and I’ve got lots of donations already. People from all over the place have messaged me saying what I’m doing is amazing I wish I could be like you, I have so much respect for you and quite a lot of people have told me why its affected them and I’ve cried at every single one because in some way I can relate to it.

“I do love my hair a lot and recently people have started coming up to me and touching my hair and said ‘won’t you miss this? It’s not worth it?’ I replied ‘no, It is worth it,’ and they understood. I love messing around with my hair and trying loads of styles so yes, I will miss that.”

Cockayne also commented on his own task:

“I’ve decided I’m not going to drink until my 30th Birthday on July 20th.

“It was only when one of my Herbalife team suggested about doing this Dryathlon that I thought I’d make it worthwhile by doing it for charity.

“I have never experienced anybody close to be that has been diagnosed with cancer but the rubbish that people have to go through is awful so to raise as much money as possible is my aim.

“It is going to be a big challenge to go so long until my birthday, by far the longest I will have gone without a drink.

“At the same time you have to see what an inspirational thing Kate is doing. For a 14-year-old schoolgirl to completely shave her hair off for Cancer Research UK is unbelievable really and it would be great to get behind her buy donating for this brilliant cause.”

You can donate to Kate via her Just Giving page HERE while to support Ben his Just Giving page is HERE.

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