posted on 13 February 2013

Brave Wildcat Kitten Kate Atkinson has so far raised well over £2,000 for Cancer Research UK after her head was shaved in the lead up Wakefield’s 36-20 vctory over Hull KR.

Kate Atkinson gets her hair cut by Sky Sports commentator Mike 'Stevo' Stephenson.

The 13-year old was inspired to raise awareness and funds for the excellent cause last year as she decided upon shaving her head if she had raised £1,000 before the first home game of the season, live on Sky Sports.

Kate sailed through the £1,000 barrier last month after all of her family and friends spread the word which was helped by the Wildcats and her favourite player Ben Cockayne. An article in the Wakefield Express followed which helped raise her profile for people to donate to the brake youngster.

The Sky Sports rugby league team donated £140 on the Saturday night while Trinity head coach Richard Agar also sponsored Kate for her bravery.

HD Sports Bar in Wakefield held a fundraising party after the victory over Rovers which raised £200 as many outlets and organisations pulled together to create a huge sum of money that will be donated to Cancer Research.

The fund raising does not stop there though with sponsors still flooding in and Horbury Academy are having a non-uniform day on Friday with half the proceeds going to Kate’s cause.

Kate said she is so pleased the shave is all over and done with after all the publicity and is delighted with the total raised so far.

“I’ve been waiting to get it over and done with because the build up was so nerve wracking,” admitted Kate.

“Stevo came and cut some of my hair on which went on Sky Sports and the attention was really weird.

“We have raised well over £2,000 and I’m still getting money off people so I don’t have exact numbers yet. The just giving page is increasing too and when we receive all the money that has been pledged we are going to have a fantastic amount for Cancer Research UK.

Kate speaks to the crowd after the head shave.

“I actually got my head shaved in Cats Bar and it was full of people. Sarah Elston couldn’t believe none of the Kittens were out watching the Loveable Rogues because they were watching Kate’s head shave.”

The reaction throughout the Wakefield district has been exceptional which has clearly been backed by donations and Kate says she is proud of her achievements.

“At school I have been flooded by people wanting to touch my head by feeling, it’s been really weird. I was also in assembly to explain why I had done it so the reaction has been great.

“You get an odd negative comment but I posted a new picture on Facebook after the shave and it’s got just short of 2,500 likes so far and there is a number of videos of her on YouTube and everybody is talking about it.

“I have had loads of teachers saying how proud of me and a friend from a different school said her teacher cried when they showed her my video.

“I don’t regret it at all, the only thing I do is how cold it is now, maybe I should have done it in the summer, especially with it snowing now!”

You can still donate to Kate by donating to her Just Giving page HERE.

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