posted on 7 April 2013

Wildcats head coach Richard Agar was full of pride in giving his analysis of the 44-24 defeat against Wigan at the DW Stadium.

Richard Agar was proud of Wakefield in the 44-24 defeat to Wigan.

Wakefield put up a brave fight against the league leaders after prop forward Justin Poore was shown the red card for punching Liam Farrell inside the opening 15 minutes. By that stage, the visitors were 10-0 behind before remarkably taking a 12-10 lead.

Ultimately, the extra man counted for the Warriors as they continued to create the overlap with their wingers Anthony Gelling and Ian Thornley scoring four tries between them.

Sam Tomkins also scored a hat-trick as Trinity scored four impressive tries to inflict the biggest score against Wigan so far this season.

“I’m really proud of the way our boys stuck together,” admitted Agar.

“For a team to post more points than anyone against Wigan this year with only 12 men on the field is probably a good reflection of some of the stuff we did with the ball. We created a lot of opportunities throughout the game with 12 men.

“We were a little bit disappointed we didn’t get the opportunity to play them with 13 men because I thought we played some good stuff at times.

“I thought the 12 men made it a difficult contest, it’s hard enough coming to Wigan at any time of the year. You’d sooner rather have 14 men then 12 men so to be down to 12 was obviously a big blow, especially after only 10 minutes.

The flash point in the game was certainly the red card incident before tries from Vince Mellars, Richard Mathers, Lee Smith and Paul Aiton made the match a very respectable affair, Agar agreed with the sending off decision.

“No arguments whatsoever, it’s not the 1980’s and you can’t do that anymore but what I would say I thought the incident could have been totally avoided.

“I thought in the build up to it there was a couple of what I’d consider really soft penalties. One for lying on and one undoubtedly Liam Farrell had trapped Tim Smiths arm under his wing while he’s playing the ball and the penalty went against us.

“There was a tangle on the floor and I’d have to look at it again, somebody was telling me Liam Farrell threw the first punch, I personally didn’t see that but I feel Robert could have blown and given us the penalty and subsequently he did give us the penalty after the send-off.

“I felt he could have blown earlier and it could have pulled the players apart, I thought he let it tangle on to the point where they were stood up with their fists cocked ready to trade blows.

“Justin knows he just can’t do that, he’s hit him flush on the jaw and it could have caused Liam Farrell serious injury and fortunately in our sport in our sport your just not allowed to do that.

“I’m also very proud of our fans giving their applause after the game and also the Wigan fans in the main stand that stood up and clapped our boys off which as  a tremendous gesture and a really good recognition of their effort.

You can listen to the whole press conference HERE where Agar confirms Mathers will go for a scan this evening after leaving the DW Stadium on crutches.

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.

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