posted on 15 June 2013

A slow start proved costly for the Wildcats as they lost out to Hull FC in a 34-10 defeat at the Rapid Solicitors Stadium.

Josh Kittrick created a try for the Wildcats in defeat to Hull FC.

Hull FC opened the scoring after Andrew Ward scored an individual effort going through two Wildcat players to score.

The next came through an excellent off load from Jack Logan, who put Ash Leemins through to extend the visitors lead to 10-0.

The Wildcats fought back into it and thought they had scored until Luke Metcalfe was controversially denied a try after Scott Lee was judged to have played a forward pass.

Wakefield were really paying for that call when FC broke forward in an excellent attacking move, which saw Jack Humphreys go over to score after two excellent offloads from Richard Wilkinson and Josh Wood.

The hosts hit back quickly though as a great off oad from Brandon Conway put Reece Trout through to score under the posts and reducing the lead to 10 points.

The black and whites would score the final try of the half, however, as quick thinking from Wilkinson gave Tom Stark the space to go over to score in the corner, which saw FC lead 20-6 going into the break.

The visitors started the second half exceptionally well, as they scored with their first attempt of the half through an excellent run from Bobby Tyson Wilson which allowed Logan to off load to Wood, who went over for his first try of the game.

The next try was arguably the try of the game, as Wilkinson scored an excellent individual effort which saw him power through three Wildcat players to score.

The Wildcats were not done however as they created great pressure which was rewarded as a great off load from Josh Kittrick put Curtis McDonald through to score in the corner and make the score 30-10.

The hosts then went on to apply great pressure to FC’s back line, which left Wakefield open for the visitors to score the last try of the game with Wilkinson claiming his second.

Sam Hick kicked his fourth successful conversion of the afternoon, to see the score finish 10-34 to black and whites.

Wakefield line up

  1. Brandon Conway 2. Curtis McDonald 3. Mat Cook 4. Tom Rodgers 5.Danny Mirfin 6. Scott Lee 7. Josh Kittrick 8.Ben Shulver 9. Josh Murphy 10. Reece Trout 11.Luke Metcalfe 12. Jack Walton 13. Jack Anderson. Interchanges 14. Danny Maskill 15.James Healey 16. Jack Teanby 17. Corbyn Kilday

Report by Chris Gatenby.

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