posted on 19 August 2013

Wildcats head coach Richard Agar thought his sides performance in defeat to St. Helens encapsulated his teams struggle to get a win in the last month.

Richard Agar was frustrated with his sides mistake ridden performance.

Whilst there was no lack of trying from the Wildcats, poor errors littered the 80 minutes and provided the Saints with the opportunity to come out on top on the scoreboard.

A superb first half try from Reece Lyne and a second half score from Kyle Amor had the Wildcats within 8 points at one stage in the second half and with Nathan Brown’s charges down to 12 men with the sin binning of Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, the door was open for Trinity to mount a fightback.

However, a Lance Hohaia try on the back of some sloppy defensive work secured the win for Saints and condemned the Wildcats to a fifth straight defeat.

“It was probably symptomatic of the way we’ve played for the last month or so,” said Agar after the game.

“I don’t think being in or out of the play-offs made too much difference.  I thought our attitude to compete was okay and we controlled a lot of tackles during the course of the game.

“But I sound like a broken record.  We’ve thrown a first half in at 50% (completion rate) and done marginally better in the second half.  Whilst we’re making fundamental errors like we’re making then it’s going to make it hard on ourselves.

“For the best part we controlled a lot of rucks but we came up with four or five poor defensive plays that let our tries in.  But when you’re continuously turning the ball over like we were then eventually against a team like Saints they’ll find you.”

There were strong performances from those in the red, white and blue with Lyne’s try capping off a strong showing whilst Amor was once again the stand-out man in the Trinity pack.

Whilst conceding that his half-backs haven’t been given much to work with, Agar says he wants to see more from his creative players.

“I feel that our halves could be playing better and that’s a bit of a key for us at the moment.  It’s very difficult when they’re feeding off scraps like they are but I feel we could have a little bit more quality involvement than what they’re having at the moment.

“We had some good players on the day.  Kyle Amor and Paul Aiton in particular put a couple of really good stints in.  Reece Lyne scored a fantastic try and was really solid defensively as well.  I thought we had some really good efforts out there but we’re just off the mark at the moment, particularly with what we’re doing the football (means) we’re asking far too much of our defence.

“In our team at the moment there are too many mistakes.  That’s why we’ve had some good efforts but we’re not coming close enough.  There’s some little performance indicators that we looked at and we know we’ve got to hit those numbers if we’re going to be a winning team and we’re falling short of that at the moment.”

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